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what is a good interest rate?
Interest Rates

What Is A Good Interest Rate?

Find out what is a good interest rate and move forward with a loan that benefits you. This article will help you to find an affordable, flexible solution.

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short term business loans||inventory||high interest rate short term loans
Short Term Business Loans

Are Short Term Loans a Good Option for Small Business Owners?

Short term loans provide immediate aid to business owners that need it. The process is quite short, and the requirements are easy to fulfill. To give you a hint of how quick the funding is, the approval period of a short term loan can be 24 hours.

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Quick Loan Myths: Debt Consolidation
Debt Consolidation

Quick Loan Myths Everyone Should Stop Believing

Quick loans are suited for people that are in urgent need of cash but cannot access it elsewhere. Therefore, as long as you meet the loan repayment terms, everything is fine. Things are likely to get off track when you miss making repayments or you default – which applies to all types of loans.

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short term loans
Debt Consolidation

Unemployment Projected to Rise

The continuing interest rate squeeze and falling share markets, are expected to slice consumer spending habits, which in turn will slow the economy and force

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low interest rates
Interest Rates

First Interest Rate Cut in 7 Years

Australians have welcomed with open arms the Reserve Bank’s first official drop of interest rates in 7 years. The RBA on September 2nd, dropped its

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interest rate rise
Interest Rates

Interest Rates on the Rise Again

After raising interest rates three times in quick succession in late 2009, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) increased interest rates again in March –

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interest rate rise||short term loans

Inflation Rise Confirms a Rate Rise

Kevin Rudd admits record low rates are certain to increase after an inflation rise of 2.1%. The inflation rate has economists tipping a fourth consecutive

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