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Questions for People Applying For Business Loans

Are you applying for a loan so you can start your own business? Here are five questions about business loans to help you make the right decision.

Am I a manager or an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs and business managers face almost the same stress when it comes to operating a business. But the two are on opposite sides of the spectrum. They’re different. What is the difference? A manager operates an already-established business. They may not be the people who started it and founded it, but they are the ones who own it at the moment. A manager also has to make sure that the challenges the business faces are handled properly. He also has to hire and retain hard-working employees, know the niche their business in focusing on, and be able to improve whatever needs improvement.

Entrepreneurs Are The Innovators

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is the one who creates the business. He looks for opportunities that are what the market needs, and converts them into a business plan. A real entrepreneur has the eye to identify opportunities needed in the market and also has the ability to turn those opportunities into businesses.

Managers Are Effective With Day To Day Operations

If you think you can be an effective manager but you don’t have the enthusiasm to start everything from scrap, you might consider franchising. It doesn’t involve the stress of putting up a new business altogether and you have tried and tested marketing methods and business plan to help you get started. But, if you think you have the heart of an entrepreneur, go for it! Get the business loan you need to kick start your business and you will surely beat the odds and succeed in your business.

What is my business model?

This is one of the questions about business loans with high importance. Are you putting up a home-based business, an online business or a traditional brick and mortar business that requires a good location?

Create a Business Budget

Create a business budget before you fill-up the application loan. It is important to include the annual budget for the upcoming year, based on the current year’s expenses. When making a budget, don’t forget to review you’re the actual expenses versus the budgeted amounts for the past two years of operation to get a good idea of your average income and expenses.

No Guarantees on Sales Forecasts

While it is important to make a sales forecast, bear in mind that you cannot guarantee the exact sales volume. So, when coming up with a budget consider your past expenses and profits as well as your realistic sales forecast.

Business Expenses

Create a ledger are of your business expenses based on your business model. For example, list fixed expenses such as:

  • administrative expenses
  • marketing expenses
  • payroll
  • rent or mortgage
  • utilities

These amounts are fairly consistent each month regardless of your sales volume. Don’t forget to include the list of variable expenses —or those that fluctuate each month. These include raw materials, inventory and manpower.

Is Self-Employment good for me?

Self-employment is starting your own business- with your own finances, own plan, own budgeting, own everything. Now it also has its own pros and cons like everything else. Being able to own a business may sound quite great at first. But sometimes, it gets tiring when you’re the only one working. Independence is a good thing. You wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else, which minimises the possibility of small quarrels between co-owners.

Are You After Fame or Freedom?

If ever your business becomes known, you’ll be known as the person who single-handedly founded your company. This is actually a great advantage. Imagine, being the only one who founded a huge business? That’s a big deal. To other people, owning a business means being able to control whatever happens in their lives. That’s what we all want right? Freedom to do what we want, say what we want to say.

Being Independent

The search for independence has struck many – this is the reason why the majority now wants to start their own business, for them to have more control over their lives. However, drawbacks exist- such as payoffs.

Loans Give Your Freedom To Chase Goals

When you have access to business loans, regardless of your credit score, you will have the freedom to set your goals.  It is also a good motivator to track spending—knowing that when you do, you’ll be an inch closer to the accomplishment of your goals. Finally, it is a good source of emergency funds. You can cover up to 3 months of working expenses in case you hit an unexpected situation.

Finances are the biggest sources of conflict

Financial issues are one of the commons sources of business conflicts-either with business partners, with suppliers or clients. That’s why it is important to have easy access to business loans to ensure that your business will go on as usual despite financial crises. But, you have to be careful with whom you borrow money from—a good lender would want its clients to move ahead in life. They will not charge hefty interests and unreasonable fees for a small amount, Look for a reputable lender that allows you to grow your business while you can comfortably repay your loan.

It’s common to have questions about business loans. After all, it’s a big decision which does come with risk. However, business loans can also bring great reward. Australian Lending Centre can provide the financial assistance that you need to push your business forwards.

Personal Loans Interest Rates

Why Patients in Debt Turn To Low Interest Rates When Applying for Loans

It’s definitely costly to be sick nowadays and patients in debt are particularly vulnerable. Despite the government’s efforts in promoting healthy workers, healthy eating and active living, illnesses still arise and more often than not people aren’t financially ready for it. No wonder many patients look for low interest rates loans when in need for financial security.

The No-Work-No-Pay Policy Scares A Lot Of People

Would you rather go to work than call in sick and risk losing your job in the process? Many people drag themselves into work while they are sick simply because they cannot afford to call in sick. If you are a casual or on a contract without sick pay benefits, you might be forced to report for work despite your doctor’s advice.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of people suffering from injuries or illnesses to work through their discomforts so that they can still receive their wage. Some people don’t even bother applying for sick leave if they know their company is restructuring or cutting down on costs and firing employees.

Some people take a few days off but immediately return to work after using up their statutory sick pay, even though their doctors’ may advise them to take a longer break. This can actually harm your future health and mean you need to take more time off down the track.

Although the Australian law requires employers to give their employees’ sick leave benefits it is worth noting that the number of days covered may not be enough for a person to fully recover. That’s why some employees’ will come back to work earlier so that they can keep their job and receive their wages in full.

Many Self-Employed People Have No Comprehensive Medical Insurance

While Medicare, gives you access to free hospital treatment and subsidises your out-of-hospital medical treatment, you may still have to shoulder some out-of-pocket expenses if you need elective surgery. Some people still take out private health insurance products from top companies like Medibank, Australian Unity, HCF and the HBF. The most common health insurance coverage includes the following: Lifetime Health Cover, Medicare Levy Surcharge, and Private Health Insurance Rebate. But, there are times that the insurance coverage is not enough to foot the bill.

There are many things you need to pay for, and being sick doesn’t help at all. Patients in debt can save money by doing the following:


Food takes up most of our money, with it being one of our basic necessities; we can’t really go without it, and so minimising the costs used for them might be the best option. If you’re used to eating out you should start cooking homemade food, not only is this cheaper, but it’s also healthier.

When buying groceries, you should make sure that they will last you an entire week without having to go back to the market again. Remember, this should turn out cheaper than eating out every day, so buy only the ingredients that you’ll need. If possible, look for discounts, or you could even look for some vouchers and/or coupons that might be lying around your home.


Going to and from work can be such a hassle. Having your own vehicle might be more beneficial on your part because you can budget the money you use on fuel. However, as with everything in life there are other expenses attached to owning your own car; this is where public transport has the upper hand.

The key to budgeting your transportation expenses is to average your monthly expenses and then create a budget based off that figure.

Bottom Line For Patients in Debt

You need to pay your debts each month, and unless you find personal loans with low interests for patience in debt, it is difficult to keep up with your payments.

Bills might come knocking at your door on the 15th or the end of the month, so you should make sure that you have money set aside for them. Everyone has debts they have to pay. Do everything possible to pay on time and you’ll eliminate them in the near future. Australian Lending Centre offers loans with low interest rates that you can fall back on at troubled times. If you’re interested in applying for an affordable loan, make an enquiry today!

Low Doc Loans

Lenders Kick Doors Open With Low Doc Personal Loans

New reforms work wonders to help self employed borrowers get the right low doc personal loans!

Lending has become better regulated as to protect high risk borrowers and create a responsible lending atmosphere. Lending to someone who lacks documentation can be risky, but with good policies in place, the risks can be mitigated.

The Australian Lending Centre protects borrowers with tailored low doc personal loans!

Better Policies – Better Borrowing:

  • Cross-checking information provided by borrowers
  • Policies ensure the right borrowers are granted low doc personal loans
  • A more fair market is being created by ASIC policies
  • Low-doc loans from banks have declined from 6.4% to 0.7%

With banks steering clear of the low doc loan market, the small to medium lenders are willing to understand the borrower’s situation.


“To protect borrowers, we only lend to those that have the ability to repay their loan.”


Low doc personal loans are a type of loan that can be granted with less documentation, but we still check it makes sense to lend. To improve outcomes for borrowing we consider other factors, not all Australians can have a consistent pay check, but all responsible Australians should be given the chance to apply to borrow money.

For low doc loans that fit your situation, contact Australian Lending Centre and stop rejection due to restrictive bank policies.


Low Doc Self Employed Loans

At 25 years of age, Carl was yet to build a significant credit history. Having recently started his own business, using his own funds as start-up capital, he had credit card debt to the value of $2,700 and he owed $10,800 on his car loan.

When his repayments fell behind, he decided to obtain a loan to pay his debt down in order to stop the calls from creditors.

Like many other Australians, his credit record was negatively affected by less-than-ideal debt management. Years of inconsistent income had turned in to growing debt and late payments.

People applying for low doc self employed loans generally have to produce 12-months’ worth of BAS statements, and they wanted 6-12 months’ worth of bank statements as well. Most banks also demand letters from company accountants to verify their income.

Australian banks are notorious for their strict lending practices, which have caused many people to give up on the search. However, Australian Lending Centre may just have the solution to your problems.

After Carl applied and received his low doc self employed loan, Carl was able to pay off his debt, and begin recovering his credit.


Low Doc Personal Loans in Australia

Policies on responsible lending are changing. The new standards have made it safer to borrow by passing some of the responsibility to the lender. While you must still be able to show the ability to pay back the low doc personal loan, your lender must also make sure they are lending to a responsible borrower.

Low doc loans lenders, such as Australian Lending Centre provide a go-to solution for people with insufficient documents, or poor credit scores. We work to tailor low doc personal loans that can provide you with the funding you need to pay your debts down and avoid a default.

Don’t be dissuaded by the strict regulations of Australian banks. Remember that the Australian Lending Centre offers low doc personal loans at great rates, and with 48-hour approval.

If you are missing the documents required by banks then you are searching for a lender with different requirements, a lender like the Australian Lending Centre. Call us on 1300 138 188 or Apply Now!