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The Australian Lending Centre has a large range of personal loans for a range of needs, including car finance, debt consolidation, bad credit, low-documentation and no credit check.

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No impact on your credit file

No impact on your credit score

Personal Loans To Create The Life You Want

Personal loans are just that – personal. Australian Lending Centre understands that a variety of situations can arise leaving you without the funds you need. ALC offer personal loans to fit your specific situation, budgetary concerns and terms.

Whether you have good credit, poor credit, or bad credit we strive to work with your situation. ALC take into account more factors than just your credit report. So if you have a low credit score or no credit score, your application is not assessed on your credit score you can still apply with us!

personal loan for a boat

Get a loan that gives you a little more

Paying your mortgage or rent, on top of household bills, groceries, education, transport and all of your other expenses all adds up. Even after careful budgeting and financial planning, you can be left with next to nothing to spend on repaying debts, home renovations, medical and dental bills, school fees, a special family holiday or essential technology, such as laptops for the kids.  So where do you turn? Australian Lending Centre provides loan products targeted to suit you and give you the leg up that you need to enjoy the little treats in life.

Get what you want now

Our aim is to help you to get you want when you want it. Rather than saving for a year, only to be able to afford a short trip away out of the city; with our range of personal loans, Australian Lending Centre allows you to dream bigger. Enjoy a fun-filled trip to Florida, or a relaxing getaway to the Maldives. Take the opportunity to get a new car now rather than in 1 years’ time. Instead of struggling to afford school fees and having to work a job alongside your studies just to get by, a personal loan can take the focus away from your finances and onto your studies. As the name suggests, personal loans are designed around you, so whatever your reason, you can find a personal loan to benefit you.

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Why Personal Loans Make Sense

Are you a shop-a-holic or somebody who struggles to spend within their means? If so, then taking any form of loan out might not be the best decision. But if you do really need financial help and you trust yourself to make repayments responsibly, then personal loans are a great way to give you the finance you need whilst keeping you under control. This is because a personal loan gives you a lump sum, agreed upon at the time of application, meaning no risk of overspending, unlike a credit card where the temptation can get too much.

Studies from Alpha Beta state that as much as one-third of millennials do not trust banks. This paves the way for private lenders such as Australian Lending Centre to provide personal loan solutions.

If you’re looking to make a large purchase, such as a car, and pay it off over a long period of time, then personal loans usually provide you with a better interest rate than you could get with a credit card. Most personal loans have terms between 1 – 5 years in length, allowing you to spread the cost out and make more manageable payments. It’s important to note that the longer your chosen loan term, the more you will pay in interest.

debt consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation Personal Loan

Are your multiple debts getting out of hand? Pay less interest than credit cards and simplify the process.

Bad Credit Icon

Bad Credit Personal Loan

If you've had a rocky patch financially, chances are you have bad credit, but ALC can often find a way ahead.

Low doc loans services

Low-doc personal loan

Often self-employed and freelancers may not have all the documentation required by banks, but we have low doc loans.

car loans and finance

Car Loans & Finance

Upgrade to a car with the new car smell that will fit the whole family plus surfboards, bikes and the dog?

Home Improvement and renovation loans

Renovation Loans

Is it time to update to the dream kitchen or do you fancy a pool to lounge around with family and friends?

Holidays and vacations

Personal Loan for Travel

While international travel is limited right now, a surfing safari or glamping outback holiday would be fun!

boat icon

Personal Loan for a Boat

Always wanted to skipper your own boat? Get out on the water quicker than you think with one of our personal loans.

INvest in your child's education

Education Expenses

Putting your daughter or son through school is a great investment in their future. Given them the best start in life.


Equipment Personal Loan

Want a new mountain bike, paddle board or skis? Our personal loans can help make life more fun.

Why Apply For a personal loan?

short term dental loans

Did you over-extend yourself during special occasions, such as Christmas or summer sales? You might need a financial injection to help you get back on track so you don’t fall behind on bills while your bank account recovers.

Medical expenses, while expensive, can be crucial. Private insurance in Australia doesn’t cover the gap between what Medicare offers and what the specialist charges. It’s important to keep stress levels low when facing medical issues and personal loans can help to take the stress of your finances away.

If you want elective surgery, it can cost $5K upwards for even simple procedures under private health insurance.

Dental care isn’t covered under Medicare in Australia. If you need some emergency work to be done or one of the kids needs braces, it can cost thousands. A personal loan for dental work can be the solution to help you get the treatment you need when you need it.

Aside from the joy and fantastic memories that weddings bring, the debt which comes attached can be staggering. According to the Federal Government’s Moneysmart survey, weddings in Australia cost on average, $36,000. It was concluded that approximately 60% of couples paid for their wedding with the help of a loan. From the venue to dresses, to entertainment, to photography; weddings are far from cheap, but getting a personal loan for wedding expenses can help to transform your dream into a reality.

Are you going back to work or are the kids returning to school? Can you afford all of the fees that might be heading your way? School fees, uniforms, transport costs, laptops, trainers and sports equipment all add up.

Tech is on the rise. Is it time to upgrade the family TV or to treat the kids to the iPad they have spent the past few months nagging you about? Is your lawn in need of some TLC but you can’t afford to replace your old lawn mower? Perhaps you’d like to purchase new appliances for the house or maybe it’s time for some much-needed home improvements.

Secured loans for holidays and weddings

What if I have bad credit?

Remember earlier when we said that personal loans are designed around you? Well, this remains the case even if you do have bad credit. You will receive slightly higher rates and fees with a bad credit personal loan, however the opportunity to receive finance will not disappear. So how can I get a bad credit personal loan?


Banks are very well regulated and do things strictly by the book. If you do not meet their criteria, or you are deemed ‘too high-risk’ then you can expect to see your bad credit personal loan application rejected
  • Interest-rates and fees are likely to be good.
  • Chance of getting bad credit personal loan approval is low.

Private Lenders

Unlike banks, private lenders are less rigid with their rules. This means that private lenders are your go-to source of finance if you have bad credit or if the banks have said no.
  • Online-only. You will not meet with a loan specialist face-to-face.
  • Greater chance of loan approval.
  • Secured loans most common (more on this below…)
Trouble making repayments and afraid of asking for another loan?

Student Loan

Student fees in Australia are epic. From tuition fees, to accommodation, to weekly living expenses; it can be difficult to keep on track with money as a student. Personal loans for students can help to cover some of the additional costs and keep your head above water. Whether that be a laptop to enhance your productivity, or a car to get you to lectures on time; a student personal loan could be your solution.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

As mentioned above, you can still get a personal loan with bad credit. Interest rates will just be higher and you can expect for banks to reject your application, potentially causing further damage to your credit score as a credit enquiry is stamped on your file. Private lenders will be more offering to provide you with finance for bad credit. This is usually in the form of a secured loan.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation personal loans are a great way to tie all of your debts into one. This makes managing your finances much easier and can also save you heaps on interest as new, more favourable terms could be offered to you. With all of your debts tied into one debt consolidation loan, you will only have to make repayments to one lender and will receive no more pestering calls from your creditors who were once owed money.

secured loan for debt consolidation
what are self-employed loans

Self-Employed Personal Loans

Being self-employed can come with so much potential and opportunity, but receiving finance is not one of these. While you may need a loan to help to get your business off the ground or to push for growth, it can be virtually impossible to supply the endless list of documents and evidence required by banks. Particularly if you have only recently set up your self-employed business and therefore do not have years-worth of bank statements and tax documents to hand. The Australian Lending Centre understands that financial support can be essential when running your own business. Whether you need help covering working capital, marketing expenses or to cover equipment or stock costs, you can receive help in the form of a self-employed personal loan.

Secured Personal Loan

Put simply, a secured loan is where a personal asset, such as a house, car or even jewellery is used as ‘collateral’ against your loan. So, if you continually fail to meet the terms of your agreement by making repayments on time, then your asset can be seized.

  • You can receive greater loan amounts by securing your loan against an asset.
  • Interest rates are lower for secured loans.

Unsecured Personal Loans

In comparison to a secured loan, you do not need to give up any personal assets as security with an unsecured loan. This means that interest-rates are higher with unsecured loans and if you fail to meet the terms of your agreement you can expect your credit score to plummet and to be taken to court by the lender.

short term personal loans for a new bathroom

Personal Loan Interest Rates

interest rates personal loans

Fixed rate personal loan

Fixed rate personal loans maintain the same advertised interest-rate for the entire loan term. They will not fluctuate. This can be great if you manage to receive a low interest-rate at the time of applying for the loan. You also never have to worry about the risk of the rate rising, meaning you can budget very accurately effectively. However, this also means that you will be unable to take advantage of lower interest rates if they happened to drop during the course of your loan.

Variable rate personal loan

You can expect the interest rates for variable personal loans to be raised or lowered during your loan term. This means that you can benefit from interest-rates lowering, but also may suffer from a spike to your rate. These fluctuations can occur as often as once per month, or as rarely as quarterly or even yearly. It is worth looking at the market rates and recent fluctuations before undertaking a variable rate personal loan.

Personal Loan FAQ's

All you need to do is complete our application form or call us on 1300 138 188 and we will call you back as soon as we can to discuss you loan amount. In some cases we may not have a personal loan product suitable for your situation and income, so we may refer you directly from our website to a suitable lender. 

Australian Lending Centre is here to support small businesses and provide them with the greatest chance of survival. We understand that being self-employed can make getting this documentation hard to come by, particularly if you have been formed for less than 2 years. For this reason, we provide flexible loans tailored to suit you. We want your business to succeed and for you to receive your funds quickly with ease and confidence.

If you have a bad credit rating you may think that you have no options. There are however, ways around bad credit, in the form of bad credit loans. You may need to pay a little more interest, as you offer a degree of risk to the lender, but if you can verify that you have the means and ability to service the loan, we can point you in the right direction and get you on your way to a personal, even with bad credit.