Debt Management

Having debts spiral out of control can be incredibly stressful. The Australian Lending Centre has debt management solutions that are affordable and can help to protect your credit score.
No impact on your credit score

Benefits of a Debt Management Plan

If you find yourself struggling to control your debts, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre could provide Debt Management. Our proven system has helped thousands of Australians to turn their finances around.

Debt relief - Australian Lending Centre

Debt Relief with Australian Lending Centre

Debt relief provides an amazing opportunity to regain financial stability. Our debt management services are designed to provide effective solutions for clients burdened by overwhelming debt.

This involves skilful negotiation with creditors to reduce the total amount owed, enabling clients to settle their debts on more favourable terms.

We specialise in consolidating multiple debts into a single, manageable payment, streamlining the repayment process for our clients.

Moreover, at Australian Lending Centre, we emphasise financial education as a key component of our debt relief services.


Our Debt Management Program

Our debt management program takes a holistic approach to your financial situation.

With our help, your debts could be consolidated into 1 repayment, even if you have different types of debts with different creditors. Your repayment amount could also be reduced, along with a whole host of other benefits, such as frozen interest and protection from your creditors.

We also believe that empowering our clients with knowledge about budgeting and responsible financial practices is essential for long-term success.

By offering personalised strategies and expert guidance, we aim not only to address the immediate, short-term challenges of excessive debt but also to equip individuals with the tools they need to avoid similar situations in the future, fostering a more secure and stable financial future.

Our Debt Management Program
Debt Management Means You’re Not Alone

Smart Debt Solutions

When you have mounting debts, it may feel isolating and lonely, but when you apply for debt relief with Australian Lending Centre, you have a partner who will be there for you every step of the way. Our mission is to make you feel more supported and less alone. Our debt management experts will begin working to find you a debt solution as soon as you apply with us. This will help you save money on a monthly basis. We review your credit file, help you with  your budget, and take into account your current commitments — all for free.

For a free consultation with a debt relief expert, call today. The sooner you begin our debt management program, the sooner you will be able to regain control of your finances.

Debt Management FAQs


Australian Lending Centre specialises in helping individuals and business owners to manage debt more easily. Debt management has never been simpler thanks to a variety of innovative products and our network of financial partners. We can help you worry less and enjoy life more. You can choose to consolidating your home loan, car loan, personal loan, and credit card payments into one simple payment, or we can help to renegotiate debts and repayment schedules with creditors on your behalf. We can even manage multiple repayments if you don’t want the hassle of paying different creditors each month.

If you aren’t sure if our debt management strategies are right for you, expert debt consultants at Australian Lending Centre are ready to help you to find the best solution to manage out-of-control debt. Our goal is to  get you in the best possible financial shape moving forward. Talk to us totally obligation free. Fill in our enquiry form, it takes less than 30 seconds. One of our debt management experts will call right away to talk about your debt situation and explore your options.

We don’t make decisions based on your credit history when you sign up for a debt management program. Our primary mission is to help you save money on interest and monthly payments. Your credit score will have no impact. This is fantastic news for people with poor credit. There will be no extra financial pressure or credit enquiry because you are not taking out another loan.

If you want to improve your financial situation, Australian Lending Centre will help you find the best debt reduction plan for you, one that suits your budget and takes into account your other obligations. We have 25 years of experience helping consumers get out of debt.

A part 9 debt agreement is part of the bankruptcy act, so it is definitely something not to be entered into lightly. Before taking the drastic step if a part 9, we look at the following solutions:

  •  Debt consolidation: if you are eligible, this is probably the first solution to look into. You can combine your high interest, inflexible loans and outstanding payments into one loan, which means one regular repayment, with more flexible options.
  • Informal debt arrangement: with an informal debt arrangement we work with you, to figure out all your expenses, debts and obligations, as well as you income and what you can actually afford to repay. Rather than you juggling multiple repayments that leave you with nothing to live on, we establish a payment program with you and funnel the repayments across your creditors. We work with your creditors, so they only deal with us, the harassing phone calls, emails and letters stop.
  • Debt negotiation: ALC can act as your advocate with the creditors and debt collectors, and negotiate to stop the interest, and find a payment rate that suits your cashflow. Sometimes, if you have a lump sum, for example a tax refund, we can even reduce the debt significantly and pay that out with the lump sum. 
There is a lot we can do to help people struggling with debts, and we are experts in help people overcome that stress, so call or use our fast and easy online application form, and get in a better financial situation.