Debt Management

Having debts spiral out of control can be incredibly stressful. The Australian Lending Centre has debt management solutions that are affordable and can help to protect your credit score.

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No impact on your credit file

no impact on your credit rating

Benefits of a Debt Management Plan

If you find yourself struggling to manage your debts, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if a debt consolidation loan is right for you. Contact a specialist today

Stress Less and Live More with Debt Management Australia

Debt Relief For Aussies

Australian Lending Centre specialises in helping you with debt management and now, with a range of brand new products and financial partners, debt management never been easier. From consolidating your home loan, car loan, personal loans and credit card into one easy repayment, to even renegotiating debts and payments with your creditors, we have a product to help you stress less and live more!

Not looking to commit? No worries! Our team are more than happy to help you with some financial tips and pointers to help you manage your debts with no obligations. Call us today or apply online in less than 15 seconds and one of our finance specialists will call you back regarding your debt management situation, normally within 24 hours.

Our Debt Management Program

Since you’re enrolling in a program, rather than simply applying for a loan, your credit file isn’t judged. We still help lower your interest rates and reduce your monthly payments, but your rates aren’t determined by your credit file. This is good news if you have poor, bad or no credit history. Even better, if you’re trying to improve your credit, you won’t have another loan on your file.

We want you to improve your financial situation so will find you the most appropriate debt reduction strategy. We have 25 years of experience in reducing debt for our customers.

You Don’t Need Excellent Credit To Access Us
Debt Management Means You’re Not Alone

Smart Debt Management Solutions

You may feel alone when you’re struggling to pay your debts each month, but with debt relief from Australian Lending Centre, you work with our team to overcome your financial burdens. As soon as you reach one of our debt management specialists, we will start working to find you a debt solution and help you save money each month. We can assess your budget, review your current obligations and review your credit file — completely complimentary!

Call a debt relief specialist today for a no obligation consultation. The sooner you get started with our debt management program, the sooner you can get back on track with your finances.