How Can Financial Distress Impact Your Health

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The stress caused by the economic downturns and financial shortcomings can literally make you sick. This is quite logical. In the recent global economic downturn, many evidences were recorded linking financial distress to various health conditions. That link is not surprising.

In 2005, a research was conducted in the US to identify possible health implications of financial distress. That study explored specific health effects that are often and logically associated with financial problems. It surveyed random individuals from across the country.

The results showed that there are various perceived possible effects of financial stress on both physical and mental health. Financial problems and poor health are associated. Stress is the main health impact of job loss, piling debts, loan defaults, and budget shortages. From there, many other health conditions can possibly ensue.

Stress resulting from financial stress

Stress caused by financial problems is often blamed for incidence of anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, low energy level, and weight changes. The experts from all around the world are unanimously aiming to make more people more aware of such health problems. Fatigue is a usual direct result, which can lead to serious health condition when not properly addressed.

That same stress can lead to specific health problems. First, too much thinking and worrying aside from sleeplessness can lead to frequent headaches or migraine. Hypertension or high blood pressure can even arise. Weight gain or weight loss can be brought about depending on how stress affects a person’s appetite. If loss of appetite arises, weight loss can come with ulcer.

Emotional effects

The same type of stress can lead to emotional difficulties. There can be serious fear about the possibility of losing job and income. It can lead to low productivity and lost self esteem. In some cases, there are noticeable changes in one’s behaviour, which again should be taken seriously and resolved as soon as possible.

What is more pressing in this aspect is the possible onset of depression. According to the US Center for Mental Health Services, during the economic crisis that affected most Americans, up to 30% of the telephone calls and inquiries the agency received were related to suicide caused by financial distress. Those individuals were said to have experienced emotional difficulties caused by fear of their looming financial troubles.

Treatment problems

As if those were not enough, additional problems arise from financial distress. Anti-anxiety medication is the common treatment but since there is a financial difficulty, patients usually cannot afford continuous treatment. Some may not even afford receiving any initial treatment at all.

During financial downturns, many consumers rule out taking checkups with their doctors due to cost issues. This means those that are physically and emotionally affected by financial distress may not even be able to take medical checkups for their other possible health conditions.

Financial distress should not be taken lightly. During early symptoms of stress caused by money problems, proper checkup and medication should be immediately obtained. This is to avoid any other more serious possible health impacts.

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