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Buying your property at auction
Home Loans

Top Tips for Buying Property at an Auction

If you’re not experienced in buying a house at an auction, this may turn into a roller coaster ride of hell that you’ll just wish you never got on in the first place. This is where some handy tips for buying your property at auction come into place.

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ways to refinance your home
Refinance and Refinancing

5 Things To Consider When Refinancing Your Home

Ever got yourself in a circumstance where you need to replace your current home with a new mortgage? Well, home refinancing is precisely that – getting a new mortgage loan to replace the existing home loan.

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reasons why you have been denied a home loan
Debt Consolidation

10 Reasons Your Home Loan Was Denied

Understanding the reason behind your loan denial is a valuable learning experience. This reason helps you to pinpoint the areas of your financial life that need to be polished. You can always improve on this and reapply for the funding.

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personal loan for arrears
Personal Loans

Reasons to Pay Arrears with a Personal Loan

Understand the main reasons why you should pay your arrears even if it means getting a personal loan to do it. We will also discuss a few tips on how to use your loans wisely to avoid getting into debt all over again.

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low doc home loans
Low Doc Loans

Fixed Low Doc Home Loan: Ins and Outs

If you’re in the least familiar with the financial terminology, you know that low doc loans refer to those loans that can be acquired with minimal paperwork. Because of this, they are mainly for self-employed people or entrepreneurs with small-sized businesses.

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car loan mortgage application||car loans||Car Loans||car loans

Will My Car Loan Affect My Mortgage Application?

The short answer is that a car loan can influence mortgage applications and under certain circumstances, it can get your requests denied. But do not let yourself discouraged. Evaluate your possibilities, cut down on the unnecessary expenses and, if you can, try to pay ongoing debts before applying for a mortgage.

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no credit check loans australia||alc mortgage broker vs bank||alc mortgage broker vs bank
Personal Loans

Mortgage Broker vs. Banks: Which Is Better?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have bad credit or you want a wider array of options, a mortgage broker is a perfect choice. If you have good credit and the offers of the financial institution would suffice, a bank would do as well.

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bad credit home loans||low doc home loans
Home Loans

Affordable Homes in Australia

A recent property report has shown that home affordability is better now than a year ago. The Housing Industry Association and Commonwealth Bank First Home

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shared home loans
Home Loans

Share a Home Loan

If you can’t afford to purchase a home on your own, why not consider getting a home loan with close friends or family. This trend

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