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Getting Savvy For Better Home Loan Rates

Home loan rates vary a lot from bank to bank and also from year to year. Locking in a low rate can significantly lower a home buyers cost over the long term so getting the best rate possible is one of the most important negotiations that a person will ever have to make. There are […]

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Refinance for a Better Home Loan

It is estimated that 30-40% of home loan applications are people interested in refinancing their mortgage.
More than two-thirds of people who refinanced their home loans recently were able to secure a lower interest rate, a mortgage broker’s survey shows.

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Banks Competing for Business Loans

Many of the large banks in Australia are launching new campaigns to encourage their business customers to seek new business loans. Advertising has heated up in the rivalry among the banks with the constant addition of new advertisement in every medium. This has made business loans a very competitive field, making the choice of who to go with very difficult.

To intensify the rivalry, the banks have started adding incentives for a business to bring their loans with promises of up to $20,000 for some. Smaller banks who are struggling to compete with these large promises are trying anything to keep their current customers which include adding fees to businesses trying to leave.


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