Renovation Loans

Australian Lending Centre has set out to change the way investment property loans are done by offering the best rates and a wide variety of private lenders to choose from.
No impact on your credit score

Home Equity Renovation Loans

Whether you’re purchasing, renovating, or making improvements to your home, Australian Lending Centre can explore your renovation loan options to get your renovation project started. Our renovation loans and construction home loans are ideal for the following:

Renovation and construction loans

Renovation Loans To Get The Job Done

With uncertainty in Australia’s economy and the Australian housing market, experts say it is better to work on your existing home rather than purchase a new one or even build a new one. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, renovating a bathroom or adding on a second story, Australian Lending Centre can make your complex renovation a simple project.

Taking out a renovation loan is cheaper than putting expenses on your credit cards. Since the payments for your project are spread throughout the span of your home loan, you pay less over time with renovation loans.

How Construction & Renovation Loans Work

When you apply for a enjoy your existing home construction or renovation loan, you’re essentially refinancing your current mortgage. Only rather than refinance at the value your home is now, you take on a larger loan at the value your home is estimated to be worth when your project is completed. 

Take advantage today and enjoy:

enjoy your existing home with a renovation loan
Apply for a bad credit renovation loan

Apply for a Renovation Loan You’ll Love

Most banks are strict about the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio you’re approved for — and it has nothing to do with credit. When you apply for renovation loans through Australian Lending Centre, we offer the best interest rates and private funding to match as much of the loan-to-value ratio as we can. When you apply, we will appraise your house’s value based on the current value, the contractor’s bid and the estimated after-project value.

Just because your credit file is less than pristine or the banks have denied you in the past doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for a renovation loan with the Australian lending Centre. We have specialists in this area who will help you get the renovation loan to create your dream house.