Short Term Business Loans

Expenses, investment and growing of your business are all excellent reasons to apply for a short term loan with the Australian Lending Centre.
No impact on your credit score

Short term business loans Boost Enterprise

Every business has a time of financial difficulty, no more so than now. Whether you’re self-employed, a large corporation or a family-owned operation, there comes a time when you need cash. You’re not alone.

Examples of Short Term Business Loans

Business owners throughout Australia require short term business finance for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re facing insolvency, creditor action or just need working capital, you need a faster solution than your traditional bank can offer. We offer short term business lending for a variety of organisational needs:

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Business Expansion

During changing times you may need to expand into new markets or existing successful areas of the business.

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Increase Inventory

Your may need to increase your inventory during seasonal periods or when your product demand increases.

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Replace Equipment

If your current equipment breaks or is outdated and your business has to keep going, new equipment is needed.

Consolidated your credit cards

Business Debt Consolidation

When your business has multiple debts that are unmanageable, a debt consolidation loan may help.

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Pay Suppliers

You may need pay a valued supplier for much needed inventory or equipment, they can require COD.

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Cover Salaries and Staff

A temporary shortfall in cash flow can leave you short for salaries, especially during quiet periods.

short term business loans for business expansion

Get fast Business Finance When You Need It

Australian Lending Centre has a solid history of providing short term loans in Australia. Our team of experts have specialised knowledge in short-term business finance. After you’ve identified a need for short-term business loans, contact our specialists to see what financing you qualify for.

We offer short term business loans in Australia to hard-working entrepreneurs. We find understanding in a less than perfect credit file or business history. We believe in giving back to the community and we strive to improve the status of every business we can.


Receive Our Continued Support And Expertise

The experts at ALC can help your company get over those financial hurdles. We offer a variety of loan features that include:

When you receive business loans, that are for the short term, from Australian Lending Centre, you will receive our continued support and expertise. Even if you’ve been turned down by the banks, we aim to understand your situation.

short term business loan to cover salaries
short term business loans

Propel your business forwards

Pump cash into your business fast with a short-term business loan. Are you struggling with cash flow? Have you been hit with unexpected costs and need some support to get you through? According to Forbes, 20% of small business fail within the 1st year and 50% fail by the 5th. Don’t let your business suffer. The Australian Lending Centre provides flexible, tailored financial solutions to help you through the tough times.

Your 2nd chance at Business finance

Have the banks have said no because you have bad credit? We understand that everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes receiving a low credit score can be out of your hands. We are here to offer you a 2nd chance at finance with bad credit business loans.

Are you lacking all of the documentation that traditional lenders demand? You could be required to provide:

We offer low doc loans for business so if you don’t have the documentation that is required by banks then you still have the opportunity to get the cash injection that you need.

short term business loan
short term business loan to cover salaries

Australian Short Term Business Loans

We offer loans in the short term hard-working and savvy entrepreneurs across Australia. Our quick and simple business lending can accomodate a less-than-perfect credit file or business history. Australian Lending Centre believes in giving business a fair go and we strive to improve the status of businesses who come to us for help.

No business dream is too big or too small. When you have a business idea and a plan to implement but have no financial backing, you can talk to us about how we can help – our business loan consultants want to make your business a reality. To begin any new business, working capital is one of the most important factors to think about. 

Helping Australian Businesses In Need

Having reliable short-term business funding to help you along the way is often the only thing you need to succeed. Our business loans can cater to your short term needs. Apply with us today and get on the fast-track to success.

If you need fast business finance, the friendly team at Australian Lending Centre can work with you to tailor a quick business loan solution.

Contact our friendly, experiences business finance team today for a no obligation consultation at 1300 138 188.

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