Tips & Tricks to Buy Christmas Presents on the Cheap

Christmas is an exciting, but expensive time. Follow these tips to buy Christmas presents on the cheap so you can enjoy Christmas without money worries.
Tips & Tricks to Buy Christmas Presents on the Cheap

At the end of every year, the Christmas buying frenzy begins all over the world. Every single year, it seems to begin earlier and earlier. These days, the trees in shopping centres are up as early as Halloween!

As soon as Halloween is over, there is a massive temptation to begin buying. This is why the shopping centres try to get the tinsel up asap. Every single year, it is estimated that Australians spend roughly $11 billion on Christmas.

This figure includes decorations, food, presents, and even holidays. Obviously, this figure is a little insane. So, do you want to learn how to buy Christmas presents on the cheap this year?

If so, keep reading because we can help!

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How to Buy Christmas Presents on the Cheap

Spending all of your money on Christmas presents needs to be a thing of the past. It is always about the thought that goes into Christmas and gifting, not how expensive the gifts are. However, if you do want to go all out for Christmas, consider taking out a small loan to get started if you’re low on cash.

1. Use Credit Card Points

If you have credit card points available to use, try to save them all up for Christmas. You can use these points for groceries, gifts, or even decorations! You could also choose to use them to purchase gift cards.

This way, you are essentially shopping for free! Consider doing all of your shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday in order to get the best deals possible. This way, you can certainly buy Christmas presents on the cheap.

2. Watch Out for Christmas ‘Deals’

Being overwhelmed by festive joy, it can become easy to get sucked in by ‘fleeting deals’ and ‘special offers’ that you don’t actually need. Sometimes, it can seem as if retailers are just attempting to spread festive cheer. However, they are just trying to stop you from saving money.

They NEED you to spend your money. However, there are still some excellent deals out there. You just need to pay attention. If you want to learn how to buy Christmas presents on the cheap, you need to keep this trick in mind.

3. Use Price Trackers

Don’t just buy whenever you want to. In order to buy Christmas presents on the cheap, you need to keep an eye on the gifts you want to buy and how they will fluctuate in price. There are plenty of price trackers on the market right now. During Christmas, they will be your best friend.

All you do with price trackers is enter the product you’re interested in. From there, the app will tell you how the price has changed over time. On top of this, it will tell you where you can go to buy it for the best price possible.

While buying presents early might seem like a good idea, checking a product’s price is the best idea. This way, you can decide whether you should wait a couple of weeks. However, make sure you don’t wait too long. Otherwise, you may miss out on Christmas cut-off dates.

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4. Use Your Loyalty Points of Savings Schemes

Both Coles and Woolworths offer loyalty cards. You can gain points with every shop that can later be used to buy gift cards, and items, or can be exchanged for cash. However, you do have to start early with loyalty cards. Coles and Woolworths allow you to shop and scan your card to earn the points that can contribute towards Christmas.

With Woolworths, you use a Rewards Card. This card offers you $10 off your shop when you earn 2,000 points. Coles, however, uses Flybuys. Not only can your points be exchanged for money, but you can also buy things with your points.

You can choose to use both or just one. Either way, they are a great way to save money on your Christmas shopping.

5. Give presents late

This might sound like a strange tip to buy Christmas presents on the cheap, but it’s one of the best. If you have family members / friends who you’re seeing at a later date than Christmas day then you could buy presents between boxing day and new years day and give them their gifts in person.

Buying presents after Christmas has passed can mean huge savings since the shops need to flog their excess stock. If you can take advantage of this opportunity without upsetting your loved ones with late gifts then you’re on to a winner!

(p.s. “Australia Post delays” is always a good excuse if you’re holding out for savings…)

The Bottom Line of How to Buy Christmas Presents on the Cheap

Are you looking to buy Christmas presents on the cheap this year? If so, we have the perfect solutions above to suit the needs of everyone. Whether you are looking to buy presents, groceries, or decorations, these solutions will work for all of these things.

Every year, it seems that the festive season becomes more and more expensive. That is why more people are trying to learn tips and tricks to make it cheaper. If you struggle to find the funds to make your Christmas perfect this year, consider your financial options.

The team at the Australian Lending Centre can always help you apply for finance when you need it. They make the whole process as easy as possible for you every time. Get in touch with the friendly team at Australian Lending Centre today to get started!

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