Will Lender Approve a Home Loan With Unpaid Defaults?

A lot of people think that repaying unpaid defaults is important when it comes to being approved for a mortgage, but this isn’t always the case. Yes, you can get a mortgage without your defaults because there are many flexible lenders who are more than happy to approve your application despite a poor credit score. […]

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How to Get A Loan When You Have Unpaid Defaults

If you have unpaid defaults, can you still get a car loan, housing loan, short-term loan or business loan?

Your credit file tells it all. If you have defaulted on your payments to previous lenders and utility companies, these things will be listed on your credit file. While it is effortless for lenders to place default […]

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Avoiding Mortgage Defaults with Bad Credit Personal Loans

Sydney and Melbourne both have been marked to have a greater chance of mortgage defaults. Both capitals are noted to have been using a large percentage of their household income to pay off their mortgages and this indicates that they may be in trouble of having defaults on their mortgage. Moody’s Australian Housing Affordability Measure […]

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Should I Consider Debt Consolidation?

Consider Debt Consolidation?
A lot of consumers are confused about debt consolidation. Most assume that debt consolidation is only necessary when you’re living pay cheque to pay cheque or you’re facing bankruptcy. The fact of the matter is that anyone can benefit from debt consolidation and they don’t have to be underwater to do so. In fact, taking advantage of debt consolidation before your bills get out of hand can actually prevent further damage to your credit file.
What is Debt Consolidation?
Debt consolidation combines multiple loans and credit cards into a single loan and payment. You do so by applying for a new loan through a debt consolidation specialist and using that loan to pay off your current debts. Then, you repay the single loan to the lender.

Not all debts can be consolidated. Debt consolidation loans are meant for credit cards, some medical expenses, store credit cards and personal loans. Your home loan or business loan cannot be placed into debt consolidation. […]

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What is the Impact of Becoming Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy does not last forever. Usually, its protection lasts only a year. During the period, the individual’s financial affairs will be put under restriction. That means there are certain privileges that the bankrupt person may not possibly enjoy even after bankruptcy has been lifted.

Furthermore, being bankrupt is not a guarantee that a person will be totally free from any financial obligation. In many cases, the individual is still required to pay a certain amount to repay debts from creditors following an assessment of current inflow and outflow of income. The repayment scheme under bankruptcy may continue even after the individual is discharged from the provision.

Needless to say, bankruptcy brings about serious implications. Its impact can never be underestimated and overlooked. Aside from the embarrassment and eroded self esteem, an individual can face the greatest setback in his financial aspect. […]

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4 Things to Do to Avoid Defaulting on Your Mortgage Repayment

If you have a current mortgage and you suddenly lost your job or your source of income, you surely are in trouble. Aside from making ends meet for your daily necessities, you have to find ways to continue repaying your home loan. That will be a big challenge especially if you are certain you cannot afford to shoulder your monthly mortgage repayment anymore.

It is a must to avoid falling into a default. Aside from possibly being evicted from your own home, you will not like its long-term effect on your credit history. Try to prevent it from happening. Here are four effective ways to do so. […]

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How Can Financial Distress Impact Your Health

The stress caused by the economic downturns and financial shortcomings can literally make you sick. This is quite logical. In the recent global economic downturn, many evidences were recorded linking financial distress to various health conditions. That link is not surprising.

In 2005, a research was conducted in the US to identify possible health implications of financial distress. That study explored specific health effects that are often and logically associated with financial problems. It surveyed random individuals from across the country.

The results showed that there are various perceived possible effects of financial stress on both physical and mental health. Financial problems and poor health are associated. Stress is the main health impact of job loss, piling debts, loan defaults, and budget shortages. From there, many other health conditions can possibly ensue. […]

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4 Ways to Deal with Home Loan in Arrears

Have you been struggling to pay your home loan? If you have been building up your debt, you may have possibly missed out on one or several monthly payments. Or you may have been paying smaller amount than the minimum payment amount required. Thus, you may have to deal with home loan in arrears. How to deal with this problem? Here are four effective ways. […]

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How to Avoid a Default

It is a mortal sin for every loan borrower to fall into a default. That is because doing so would lead to bigger trouble. If you default on a loan, your loan provider may take various types of action, which might all be disadvantageous to you. First, you may face the burden of litigation. Second, you may be imposed with more penalties. Third, your collateral might be repossessed. And lastly, your credit history would surely be eroded. […]

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Attack on Debts

Some businesses have launched a Christmas crackdown on overdue bill payers.  They have been hiring squads of debt collectors to recover cash from debtors before it will be spent on Christmas celebrations.

Strict new rules for banks mean that many firms have to meet quarterly revenue targets to retain loans, which means that this has forced them to chase debts more aggressively.

Debt collection agencies have reported a big rise in firms targeting pre-Christmas pay packets.  One debt agency has claimed that their business is up by 30% on this time last year.

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