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The Australian Lending Centre is a one-stop shop for a wide range of financial solutions.

From debt consolidation and personal loans to no credit check and bad credit loans, we have flexible options to fit your situation.

Unlike banks and many other lenders, we also have the ability to say yes even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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Trusted Australian Loan Specialist For Over 25 Years

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Wide Range Of Financial Products Available

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Financial Solutions Individually Tailored To Each Customer

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Loans With No Credit Check To Help Protect Your Credit Rating

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Debt Consolidation Loans Put You In Control Of Your Debts

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Debt Management Solutions To Help You Reduce Your Debts

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Online Loan Application To Make The Process Fast & Easy

Apply within minutes. We’ll go the extra mile to find a solution.

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Your second chance at finance.

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Unlike other lenders, our application process is fast and easy, with no judgement.

Australian Lending Centre offers trusted non-bank financial solutions. If you’ve been declined by your bank because of bad credit, our expert team of lending consultants is ready to help.

Specialists in a range of alternative loans, such as debt consolidation, bad credit loans and no-credit-check loans, Australian Lending Centre can find finance even with a low credit score.

Apply within minutes, receive same-day support

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ALC can help with loans, including…

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Struggling to manage multiple debts? Debt consolidation combines credit cards, buy-now-pay-later, payday loans and more, to achieve a single easy-to-manage loan with lower fees and interest rates.

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Bad Credit Loans

Australian Lending Centre offers bad credit loans even when the banks have said “no”. If you suffer from a low credit score, we could still help. We offer low doc loans and no credit check loans.

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Personal Loans

Our online personal loans are designed to suit a range of circumstances, including buying a car, boat or caravan, or funding a holiday. You can even use a personal loan to cover dental costs and othe rmedical expenses.

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Debt Management

If you have multiple debts and find it challenging to consistently keep on top of repayments then debt management could be your saviour. We have helped thousands of Australians to reduce and take control of their debts.

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Low-Doc Loans

Low-doc loans require minimal paperwork to get approved, ideal for the self-You will never be asked to provide endless documentation during our application process.

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No credit check loans

We never run a credit check on you which means applying with Australian Lending Centre will not damage your credit score. No credit check loans help to give you peace of mind.

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Small Business Loans

Being in business is challenging, which is why we offer loans for startups, investment capital, expansion finance, equipment loans and much more.

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Online Home Loans

Our broad range of home loans primarily includes mortgage refinancing, but in some cases we can also provide investment property loans, finance for home renovation and even bad credit home loans.

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Online Car Loans

If you've got your eyes set on a flashy new whip but don't have the disposable income to cover the purchase then a car loan is a great way to achieve your goal. We provide car finance with low fees and interest rates.

Trusted non-bank loan providers

You are unique.
So are our solutions

When your financial needs and circumstances are unusual or unique, you need to choose someone who can get your finance application across the line responsibly. Australian Lending Centre has helped solve a broad range of customers’ financial requirements for over 25 years. We hold a credit license in Australia: 389119 and operate within the strict standards set by ASIC.

More flexible than the banks

We are structured differently than traditional lenders, making us a great non-bank alternative. Providing private loans, our financial products often have lower fees and greater leniency compared to traditional institutions.

Our lending criteria is less strict compared to banks, therefore our solutions have a greater chance of approval for people with complicated finances, such as self-employed or bad credit.


Brilliant brands we work with…

The Australian lending Centre has strong relationships with many lenders and financial institutions. With these partnerships, we are able to offer a full range of products for all Australians wanting to be in a better financial situation.

Got burning questions? We’ve got answers.

help-in-financial-crisisAustralian Lending Centre (ALC) offers reputable non-bank, alternative finance and, importantly, understanding. Being rejected for finance because of bad credit can make you feel like there are no other options. Our goal is to give struggling Aussies a ‘fair go’ with finance, whether it is for personal or business purposes, regardless of financial history. Our online application is fast, simple and can be done online.

If you’d prefer to talk to a real person, our fully trained, caring loan professionals can talk you through the process and explain your loan and debt management options.

When your finances are unique, it’s important to choose a finance company with experience in alternative finance to get your loan application across the line, without fuss or stress. ALC has helped find solutions for customers for over 25 years. We hold a credit license in Australia (389119) and operate within the strict standards set by ASIC.

ALC operates differently from the big banks. Every customer matters and we don’t take our customers for granted. Providing private loans, our financial products often have lower fees and greater leniency compared to traditional financial institutions.

Our lenders have a range of lending criteria that the banks just can’t achieve. This means a greater chance of approval for people with complicated finances, such as self-employed or those with low credit scores.


australiaAustralian Lending Centre has been a trusted bank alternative for over 25 years, helping thousands of Australians nationwide.

We cover: Adelaide, South Australia (SA); Brisbane, Queensland (QLD); Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT); Darwin, Northern Territory (NT); Hobart, Tasmania (TAS); Melbourne, Victoria (VIC); Perth, Western Australia (WA); Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) and regional areas.


heavy debts?Do you have debt collectors calling all the time?

Our goal is to assist with managing out of personal debts. High-interest rates can make it hard to pay off your debt in the longer term. Combining these into a loan with lower interest, one set of fees and one monthly repayment is an option that can help you pay off debts more easily.

What is credit card debt consolidation?

You might want to consider applying for one of ALC’s available credit card debt consolidation options. We can take all of your current card obligations and combine them into one easy-to-manage repayment with a lower interest rate and payments tailored to your income and financial obligations.

Australian Lending Centre goes above and beyond to find the right solution to match your needs and payment capacity.


Tough times can lead to bad credit, but we don’t judge

Our varied range of finance options is designed to suit a diverse range of borrowers. If your credit score is low, chances are you’ve has abit of bad luck, such as illness/injury, losing your job or going through an expensive divorce. When you’ve been through these tough times, the last thing you need to hear is ‘no’. At ALC we offer a type of finance for people with poor credit. We call these bad credit loans. They have more flexible loan criteria.

There are pros and cons with bad credit loans. Because lenders see borrowers with a low credit score as a bigger risk, the interest rate is sometimes a little higher. To find out more about bad credit loans, visit our bad credit loans page.

It is estimated that around 600,000 Australians are candidates for credit default. Defaults can happen beyond your control. When applying for car loans or a mortgage, bad credit can be a real issue, but it shouldn’t have to be. All Australians should access affordable credit.


Refinancing your mortgage comes with many benefits. These include:

1. Lower monthly repayments

You will most likely get a new interest rate when you refinance. This is often lower depending upon how much the new debt amounts to, who the new lender is and the repayment terms for which you choose.

2. Change repayment lengths

Mortgage refinance is all about finding new terms to suit you. Therefore, you can move forwards with shorter terms or instead, you could choose to pay off the new loan over a longer period of time. It’s important to remember that the shorter your repayment length, the more your repayment amounts will be each repayment period.

3. Consolidate debts

Refinancing provides you with the opportunity to combine multiple current debts into one new one better suited to you. You can find out more about debt consolidation here.

4. Better repayment structure

With mortgage refinance comes greater flexibility. So, whether you would like to make weekly repayments or monthly, the control is in your hands when structuring your new loan.

5. Remove a person from the mortgage

If you have recently gone through a divorce and would like to remove the name of a co-signer then refinancing is a great solution.


No, we don’t do pay day loans. Australian Lending Centre have a range of Australian loan and financial products that can be catered to the financial needs for short term finance.

We understand that everybody is different and have different situations so we can help you find out the right type of loan for your particular situation. Just give us a call and we can give you a complimentary consultation or a suitable quote with the best loan options for your needs.

To find out more about the full impact of fast cash payday loans, visit MoneySmart.

Warning about Pay Day Loan borrowing…


For those who have bad credit, no credit check loans provide an opportunity to gain finance even if other lenders have said no. They also protect the credit that you do have from declining due to excessive enquiries.

Since your credit score is not checked with this form of Australian loan, no credit check loans do come with their drawbacks. Interest rates are generally higher and you will only be able to borrow smaller amounts of money compared to other types of loans. This is due to the greater level of risk that this form of loan poses since there is no proof that you are a reliable borrower.

No credit check loans do, on the other hand, come with benefits, including:

1. No Additional Credit Enquiry On Your File

You will not receive a credit enquiry on your file, meaning that you can receive financial support without denting your credit score with a credit enquiry.

2. Get a Loan, Regardless of Your Credit Score

They enable you to receive a cash injection, no matter how bad your credit score is, or how many other lenders have turned you down.

3. Gain Approval And Get Fast Cash

You can gain approval and receive the cash fast. In some cases, the process of applying to receiving the money in your bank can take as little as 48 hours.

4. Minimal documentation required

There is minimal documentation required. You must be able to prove you are over 18 years of age, that you have a steady income and provide bank statements.


Big banks are weighed down by the cost of having a massive corporate infrastructure and multiple national branches. Non-bank lenders are more agile and we can pass on savings to borrowers with lower interest rates. Some of the most competitive interest rates on the market are offered by non-banks.

Choose ALC as your finance specialist

Because we aren’t a big bank with multiple departments, we ensure that you get your own specialised consultant to help you through the process from start to finish. We look for the best bad credit (or sub-prime) loans, with the best rates, to help you get the finance you need.

Australian Lending Centre offers personal, business and commercial finance that includes:

Personal Loans

Business Loans

  • Low interest business loans 
  • Expansion finance
  • Low doc business loans
  • Debtor financing
  • Working capital loans
  • Tax debt loans
  • Short term business loans
  • Lease finance
  • Self-employed loans
  • Bad credit business loans
  • Caveat loans.

The Australian Lending Centre is a one-stop shop for all financial solutions, from debt consolidation to bad credit loans. Regardless of your current circumstances, we are here to help.​

  • wide range of financial services to suit a diverse range of customers
  • we offer personal, business and home loans
  • bad credit finance is available
  • ALC offers fast and easy debt relief services
  • we have competitive interest rates
  • flexible loan terms

The Australian Lending Centre has strong relationships with many lenders and financial institutions. With these partnerships, ALC is able to offer a full range of products for all Australians wanting to improve their financial situation.


Our blog is written by experts in their field, on relevant topics that matter to everyday Australians.

Times are really tumultuous at the moment and many people are confused about the impact of the pandemic on the economy and in turn their own personal finances. At Australian Lending Centre we are always looking for ways to answer your most pressing questions so you can make informed financial and borrowing decisions.