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Australian Lending Centre understand business and how business loans can be difficult to obtain. When you need the finance to cover wages, tax, or simply to expand, often you need to access funds fast. We get that you don’t always have all the documentation the banks require or a fantastic credit file, and that’s ok, we offer low doc business loans. 

We understand that many businesses do not always have the relevant documentation to provide the banks.

Fast and Simple Business Loans

A business loan is the perfect funding option to start up your dream business or expand your current operation. If you’ve been declined for business financing or can’t supply the documents your bank is asking for, you’ve come to the right place!

Every day, we help business owners, just like yourself, secure business loans quickly and easily with our practical approach to lending. Just send us your details so we can contact you about a tailored business loan solution. Let us handle the financing parts, with some of the best business loan Australia has to offer, so you can get back to doing what you do best; running your business!

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Business Finance: Flexible Application

Your average financial institution wants to see documented, verifiable proof of your income. If you’re self employed, work seasonally or freelance, it can be near impossible to meet the strict document requirements banks want to see. Most of these employment situations have variable incomes on a month-to-month or seasonal basis and proof of consistent income is hard to come by. Although you may make an ample living to pay your loan, the banks may not see it that way.

At Australian Lending Centre, we offer financial help to low doc borrowers or bad credit business loans to those who may be just like you. We’ve helped thousands of Australians, over 30 years, find the loan they need without the inflated interest rates typically associated with non-bank lenders.

Benefits of Commercial Finance

Selecting the most suitable lender  to help you with commercial finance can make a big difference to the success of your company. We help businesses in Australia, from small one-person enterprises through to large corporations.

Commercial finance can allow you to think bigger, whether it is new equipment to streamline your production processes or expand into a large premises to take on more employees.

For businesses to succeed they must grow and when you reach the point that you need capital to do this, Australian Lending Centre has fully-trained and experienced loan consultants to assess and guide you through the process. Sometimes businesses need an injection of commercial finance to reach full potential and embrace changing markets and technology.

Our team of financial specialists take the time to work out the best commercial finance options for you and your business whether you’re just starting out, looking to expand your current business, or want to improve your business by purchasing equipment and property.


Increase Your Capital

When you own your commercial premises your business has a capital asset which helps your balance sheet and future commercial finance opportunities.

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Build Equity

Whatever scale your business, equity can be a big advantage. Owning a commercial premises can help you with commercial finance for future growth.

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Longer Commercial Leases

Commercial investments mean your tenants have longer leases. As commercial leases are generally longer-term offers financial stability to make future business decisions.

Business Loans That Are Fast and Easy

When Banks Let You Down We Pick You Up

Banks with their strict rules, can overcomplicate the process, adding reams of paperwork to the application process. We work to minimise the length of the application because we know you don’t have all day! Whether it’s a small loan or a secured loan we’re here to help.

Need a bad credit business loan?

Have the banks turned you down because you have bad credit? We have a range of bad credit solutions for businesses, even with bad credit.

Looking For A Low Doc Business Loan?

If you’ve been busy running your business and don’t have your tax returns yet, it’s okay. We have access to a variety of lenders offering low doc products and understand what they’re looking for. These lenders specialise in understanding your financial position without having personal or company tax returns and offer low doc business loans.

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Short Term Business Loan Specialists

If you are only looking for short term business loans, we offer short term financing options as well.

Specialists in short-term loans, we have a team of specialists on-hand to discuss your business loan requirements and options. Having supported Australian businesses for a number of years, we understand that time is money and using our expertise we have streamlined our process so that we can issue a loan proposal ASAP. The process is straightforward and our clients usually have the funds in their bank account in 3-7 working days!

Non-Bank Business Loans Australia

We cater to many types of Australian businesses and our loans are actually tailored to your specific business criteria. So whether you want small business loans, bad credit business loans bad credit, or something else, we work to the best of our abilities to approve your loans ASAP. With ALC helping you with your loan application, you know you’re in good hands.

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Applying has never been faster or easier!

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Continue through the form and follow through to the upload document prompts.

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If approved, the funds could be transferred to your account as little as 72 hours.

Commercial Finance FAQ's

As soon as we receive your commercial finance application, we call you to discuss the details, so we can find the most suitable lender or solution to your situation.

There are many factors in determining your suitability for commercial loans. These include how long your business has been in operation, whether you have collateral and the purpose of the loan. For most SME’s it can be quite hard to get a bank loan, however there are alternative lenders that will assist you with you financing needs.

Yes, it may be possible for you to obtain commercial finance without collateral. This is called an unsecured loan. The interest rates tend to be higher and you may not be able to obtain as much finance as you would with secured commercial finance.