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Like most people you’re probably tired of having to organise and keep track of all of your financial obligations. Sometimes you might even let a bill slip here or there either by accident or because you’ll make it up next month, right? Let us help you manage those debts, reduce your interest rates and consolidate your debt into 1 easy repayment.

We are the best at what we do and we have a solution for nearly every person, in every financial situation. Let us help you take control of your life and get fast debt relief. Resolving your debts will be the first on your list of priorities and we can help you achieve it ASAP – APPLY NOW

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A Solution to Smile About

Do you…

  • Keep a rapidly and constantly growing credit card debt?
  • Have problems about repaying loans each month?
  • Struggle to avoid falling into default on your mortgage?
  • Worry about possibly losing your properties?
  • Consider debt consolidation?
  • Plan to get into an informal agreement with a creditor?

To get out of debt, simply fill in the confidential enquiry form and we will then contact you to discuss your options. Let us help you become debt-less now.

ALC has the best solution for all your debt problems. For sure, bankruptcy is the last option (if ever it is) that you would possibly consider. By all means, you should avoid that financial suicide. It would surely have serious and lasting repercussions not just on your reputation but also on your credit score.

Let ALC be your debt help solution

ALC is the solution to all your debt-related woes. Through the years, the company has recruited, trained, and further developed the best, the most knowledgeable, and the most reliable professionals, who are authorities when it comes to debt reduction and relief for Australians.

ALC values customer service and satisfaction. That is why aside from being experts, our team members are all trained and conditioned to be as approachable as possible. We commit to be always on call to talk to you and listen to your problems so we could suggest, offer, and provide the best and most suitable debt relief solution.

Needless to say, customer service is our main business. We put more importance on the way we interact with you so we could be of help. If you are seeking debt relief, just approach us and we would be your guide in exploring all available options so you could finally end your debt problems for good. Our products are some of the best there are in the market today. Our services speak out more about our commitment to bring debt relief to Australian consumers.

Here are how ALC could be your solution:

Debt consolidation

If you have multiple loans or debts, our debt consolidation loans could be the best option to take. Such products could facilitate combination of all your existing loans into one, with a much lower interest rate, more favorable terms, and more practical amortisation options.

Mortgage Refinancing

Are you having trouble repaying your current home loan? Mortgage refinancing could be your best option today. ALC provides new or second mortgages to repay existing ones. This time, you could possibly take a lower interest rate, a better term, or a lower monthly amortisation.

A Favourable Debt Agreement

ALC negotiates for a favourable agreement with your loan provider or creditor. If you could no longer continue to repay an existing debt, you could now possibly have an arrangement that could reduce your debts so you could emerge out from the situation without compromising your credit score.

Credit card debt relief

If you have spent so much using your plastic cards, it is time to consolidate credit card debts. Credit cards charge more penalties and higher rates if you keep your debts any longer. The best debt relief for such a problem is to repay high-interest credit card debts at once and transfer the amount to another loan or to another credit card with much lower rates and less or waived penalties or charges.

There’s more!

ALC offers more debt reduction services, products, and debt assistance. We offer and provide counseling, credit repair, effective budgeting, and financial planning. Debt relief is the company’s specialty so allow us to help you now before things get much more serious.

After debt relief, ALC vows to lead you to better and more effective personal finance.

Don’t delay, call us on 1300 138 188 for assistance or Enquire now.