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If You are missing paperwork Try Low-Doc Loans

Traditional lenders often require a significant amount of paperwork to complete the loan process. It can take a while to locate all the necessary documents such as your financial situation, proof of income, and various other bits of paperwork. ALC understands that if you are self employed or don’t have a lengthy record of financial statements, you won’t always have what traditional lenders need, which is why we offer low-doc loans for these situations.

Low documentation loans for the self-employed

Why Choose A Low-Doc Loan?

Unfortunately not everyone has access to the incredible amount of detailed documents that the traditional banks require. This can leave applicants feel like they have limited personal and business loan options. Australian Lending Centre’s low doc loan options can be of assistance.

Australian Lending Centre offers low doc loan solutions that are ideal for the self-employed individual, temporary worker or tradie and this type of loans require minimal paperwork to get approved.

Got bad credit? Not a problem. We work to qualify self-employed individuals, even with bad credit, even for low-doc loans in the effort to help them obtain the loan they need!

Low-Doc Loans Help Fund Life Without Strict Bank Requirements

Your average financial institution wants to see documented, verifiable proof of your income. If you’re self employed, work seasonally or you freelance, it can be near impossible to meet the strict document requirements banks want to see. Most of these employment situations have variable incomes on a month-to-month or seasonal basis and proof of consistent income is hard to come by. This means that low documentation loans may be your only option. However, these are not usually an option when applying with traditional banks. While you may make an ample living to pay your loan, the banks may not see it that way.

At Australian Lending Centre, we offer financial help to low doc loan borrowers just like you. We’ve helped thousands of Australians find the loan they need without the outrageous interest rates typically associated.

Low Doc Loans
Low doc loans for tradies and self-employed

Get Started With Low Doc Loans

Our low doc loans are specifically designed with the self employed and low documentation individual in mind. That is why we don’t require mountains of excess paperwork from you, and we still offer fast turnaround and processing times. 

When you apply for a low doc loan from Australian Lending Centre, all we need is an income declaration. No tax returns, financial statements or bank records required. With the right documentation, you can qualify for $10,000 to $3 million — depending on what you need. A low doc loan is an option for those seeking a no doc loan that the banks do not offer.

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