Low Doc Loans

When your own your business or are self-employed, you may not have all the documentation needed for a traditional bank loan, so a low doc loan might be what you need.
No impact on your credit score

If You are missing paperwork Try Low-Doc Loans

Traditional lenders, such as the banks, need a lot of detailed of paperwork to process a loan application. Collating all the required documentation on your financial situation, such as proof of income and tax returns can be time consuming and for some, not possible.

ALC understands that if you are self employed or don’t have a lengthy record of financial statements, you won’t always have all the paperwork that the big banks want. Low-doc loans are the perfect product if you cannot fulfil these complex requirements.

Low documentation loans for the self-employed

Why Choose A Low-Doc Loan?

Unfortunately not everyone has access to the incredible amount of detailed documents that the traditional banks require. This can leave applicants feel like they have limited personal and business loan options. Australian Lending Centre’s low doc loan options can be of assistance.

Australian Lending Centre offers low doc loan solutions that are ideal for the self-employed individual, temporary worker or tradie and this type of loan requires minimal paperwork to get approved.

Got bad credit? Not a problem. We work to qualify self-employed individuals, even with bad credit, even for low-doc loans in the effort to help them obtain the loan they need!

Low-Doc Loans Help Fund Life Without Strict Bank Requirements

Banks want to see definitive proof through tax returns and other official statements, of your income. If you are a freelancer, self-employed or work casually (including seasonal work), it can be hard to prove you are a good borrower with all the documentation that banks need to approve finance.

Casual and seasonal workers, the self-employed and small business owners have income that goes up and down month-to-month or on a seasonal basis. Proof of consistent income can be hard to get. In these circumstances, low documentation loans may be your best option.

Low-doc loans are not generally available when applying with big banks. You might be earning a great living but the banks may not see you as a safe prospect.

At Australian Lending Centre, we offer financial help to low-doc loan borrowers. We have helped thousands of Australians find low-doc loans without the high interest rates typically associated with non-conforming finance products.

Low Doc Loans
Low doc loans for tradies and self-employed

Get Started With Low Doc Loans

Our low doc loans are specifically designed with the self employed and low documentation individual in mind. That is why we don’t require mountains of excess paperwork from you, and we still offer fast turnaround and processing times.

When you apply for a low doc loan from Australian Lending Centre, all we need is basic income information and in some cases, bank statements, which can be easily provided within seconds through our easy electronic portal. No tax returns or complex financial statements will be required.

Low Doc Loan Options

business icon

Low Doc Business Loan

Low doc loans for equipment, cash flow or other business purposes.

Online car loans icon

Low Doc Car Loans

When you need a new car but lack needed documentation.

Personal loan icon

Low Doc Personal Loans

A low doc loan can also be for travel or other personal reasons.

Home loan and mortgage icon

Low Doc Home Loan

Need a mortgage but don't have a paper trail of documents?

investment icon

Low Doc Investment Loan

Got a great investment opportunity but not the employment or tax records?

Home improvement and home renovation loans icon

Low Doc Renovation Loan

You could even use a low doc loan for home improvement.

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