Debt Help – Unemployed Survival Guide

COVID-19 is a situation that no-one could have predicted and has left a lot of people searching for debt help. Here is your unemployed survival guide.

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Unemployment Projected to Rise

The continuing interest rate squeeze and falling share markets, are expected to slice consumer spending habits, which in turn will slow the economy and force an extra 75,000 Australians into unemployment by the middle of next year.
While there has been a small concession for Australian households last week with the Reserve Bank’s first rate cut in 7 years, we are not out of the dark yet it seems. David Uren, the Economics correspondent for The Australian cautions the “Treasury expects the unemployment rate to rise from its recent historic low of 4 per cent to reach 4.75 per cent by the middle of next year.” […]

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Unemployment Predicted to Skyrocket

The Australian unemployment rates are expected to rise as an onset of the global economic recession.
There has been much speculation in past months about the flow on effects for Australians in the wake of the global financial crisis. It seems that unemployment will be a major casualty.

John Quiggin from the University of Queensland prophesises, “Australia has not been hit, but a lethal cloud of fallout is gradually drifting southwards” The economic downturn is having an impact on households nationwide, with slowing businesses and increased living expenses. However with the global economies being slowed by Governments in attempts to stem the economic recession, so job opportunities will continue to become scarce. […]

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Further Job Losses Loom Ahead for 2009

The loss of jobs in a number of Industry sectors continues to intensify into 2009.
The Tourism and Transport forum have released their quarterly tourism industry sentiment survey which indicates that ‘Major job cuts are a frightening but realistic prospect with up to 63% of the current tourism businesses expecting to make moderate cuts to their workforce in the coming year.

On top of this, sales in the automotive industry are down with a significantly decreased domestic demand for new cars, this will see a likely cut in manufacturer production and a number of layoffs in this sector. […]

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One Third of Australians Would Not Survive Unemployment

More than one third of Australians would not survive on their savings longer than one month if they were to loose their job a recent survey by debt collection agency Dun and Bradstreet has shown.
The survey examined plans for saving, credit use, spending and debt in the coming three months. Many Australians are unprepared for financial hardships associated with being made redundant or sacked.

Four in ten people said that their saving would only last them 30 days whilst being unemployed, while 38% said they would have to use credit cards to cover household expenses such as bills and groceries.


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