Home Loan Arrears

Home loan arrears are serious and needs to be sorted out quickly or the bank can take back your home and sell it. Take to us about solutions.
No impact on your credit score

home loan arrears Can Be Caused by:

While you may have every intention of paying your home loan on time, life events do happen. Missed home loan payments can occur and cause home loan arrears. Unexpected financial situations can create problems in payments, Australian Lending Centre can help you with your home loan arrears.

home loan and mortgage arrears relief australia

We Can Help Clear Home Loan Arrears

The experts at Australian Lending Centre understand how difficult mortgage arrears can be. 

We offer a variety of debt consolidation and mortgage refinance options to help you keep your home and avoid bank repossession. While long-term financial struggles may indicate the need for additional debt relief products, our experts can help tackle the issue of keeping your home in your possession.

If your home loan is in arrears, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if one of our home loan arrears options is right for you. Contact a specialist today by calling 1300 138 188 or Enquire Now.

Mortgage Arrears Australia

While you might think a bank will approve a refinance so that you can get caught up on your home loan, they won’t. This is because banks and financial institutions see mortgage arrears as a serious financial issue; therefore, they don’t want to take on the risk of loaning additional funds to a consumer who may not pay them back. For most banks, if you have had any late payments within the past 6 to 12 months, you’ll be rejected for a refinance.

We offers bank alternative financing that can help you even if you have a history of defaults, poor credit or your home loan is in arrears. We assess your refinance based on your income and current financial obligations to find a payment that works for you.

home loan and mortgage arrears relief australia
home loan and mortgage arrears relief australia

Refinance Your Home Loan

The refinance process is different when you have mortgage in arrears. This is because Australian Lending Centre must locate a private lender that can provide you with financing before the banks repossess your home. Our experts must analyse your financial situation and make sure your home loan can benefit from a refinance. If not, we can suggest debt consolidation alternatives or you may have to sell your home to avoid repossession.

We’re Home Loan Arrears Specialists

Ready to find out how Australian Lending Centre can help with your home loan arrears? Contact our financial and home loan specialists today at 1300 138 188 or Enquire now. We can tell you right away what you qualify for and suggest some options to help you fix your mortgage arrears.

We’re committed to solving Australia’s financial problems. Let us help you get the home of your dreams, recover from excessive credit card debt or just refinance so you can keep your home!

home loan and mortgage arrears relief australia