Short Term Personal Loans

Fast & easy loans when you need funds urgently.

no impact on your credit rating

Quick, Easy Short Term Personal Loans

If you need a short term personal loan, Australian Lending Centre offers a range of quick and easy financial options. Our experienced, caring team are specialists in making sure you get funds fast. Personal purchases like new white goods, car repairs, home improvements are all legitimate reasons for short term personal loans.

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The Australian Lending Centre understands that every household has a time when they need funds fast. Applying through the banks means you could wait days – if not weeks – for approval and much-needed funding. In the meantime, you may need a washing machine, a safe car or urgent repairs to your home. Since the Australian Lending Centre offers fast approval and delivery on all short term personal loans Australia wide, you won’t have to worry about delays to finance.

We understanding when you need fast cash, our expert team will assess your unique situation as quickly as possible. Even if you have bad credit or low documentation, a short term personal loan may be an option.

Short Term Personal Loan No Credit Check

If you need a bad credit short term loan Australia wide, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need. See if short term loans no credit check are right for you. Contact our friendly team today by calling 1300 138 188.

Enquiring with Australian Lending Centre is a “soft enquiry”. This means that completing our enquiry form does not lead to a mark on your credit file, which is important if you are already struggling with bad credit. Often, during times of financial strike, you miss payments and can get defaults listed, making applying for credit cards with the banks difficult. 

No credit check loans also mean that lenders may be able to look at other criteria other than your credit report. You can supply payslips, bank statements, tax returns and other information to prove your ability to pay back a short term loan.

Even if we don’t have a product for which you are eligible, we can refer you to a more flexible lender, who may be able to help.

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Short Term Personal Loan - Fast Finance

Life has its ups and downs. Household income can be impacted dramatically in these unpredictable times. But the world keeps going and bills still need to be paid.

You may need the funds to get new tyres or have a major service. Maybe the washing machine has broken down.  A short term personal loan may be needed buy a new laptop computer for your son or daughter, going back to school.

Whatever the reason, Australian Lending Centre can offer a short term cash loan to help you meet your financial obligations at the right time. Apply today with our quick and easy short term loans application.

Short Term loans Are For Unique Situations

At Australian Lending Centre, we take extra care in providing our clients with short term personal loans that are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. These short term financial solutions usually have a lower repayment period from as little as one month onwards. These shorter repayment terms can suit your financial needs.

Just like every person is different, every financial circumstance is different from another. Your credit score may have flying colours but you may not have enough income to support repayments and get turned away from the bank for any short term financial help. You may earn top dollar with a stable job but if you have negative listings on your credit history, you will still be turned away for short term loans by the big banks.

We at Australian Lending Centre know and understand the difficulty people face when they need emergency short term financial support. That’s why we find the most suitable solutions for anyone who needs to borrow short term cash online.

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Get A Short Term Personal Loan Approved

If you’re looking for online short term personal loans, enquire with us at Australian Lending Centre and find out how much you could be eligible to borrow.

Whether there’s shortage of cash during holidays or for any unforeseen circumstances where you run short of money,  a trusted short term personal loan lender could approve you on the same day you apply. Depending on your own unique particular circumstances and financial standing, the minimum and maximum amount of cash you can borrow, interest rate will vary accordingly.

Fast and Easy Bad Credit Personal Loans

Even if you have bad credit or any negative listings on your credit file, don’t worry. Australian Lending Centre is always happy to help our clients with a short term personal loan who are in this particular situation. This is because we also specialise in no credit check short term loans as well as short term personal loans, Australian lending Centre has financial solutions to suit most people’s needs. So no matter your circumstances, contact Australian Lending Centre and speak with one of our friendly loan specialists to the most suitable option for your special set of circumstances.

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Use A Short terms Loan For...

car repairs icon

Car Repairs

Got car troubles? Most people need their car to be safe and reliable. If you need expensive repairs, a short term loan can help you get back on the road.

technology loans icon

Technology Finance

Need a laptop fast and can't quite come up with the lump sum? A short term loan to purchase much needed laptops and devices could be just the thing to get you through.

medical expenses icon

Medical Expenses

Medicare doesn't cover all and if you are injured or need a specialist it can be costly. A short term to cover medical bills can help you breathe easier.

home repairs icon

Home Maintenance and Repairs

A single loan that can turn multiple payments, fees and interest rates into one, easy monthly payment, even with an impair credit score.

whitegoods finance icon

Appliances Finance

Need a new fridge or washing machine but don't have the money right now? A short term loan can help you get the appliance you need.

dental loans icon

Dental Loans

Got teeth trouble but can't afford it right now?  A short term loans for dental expenses will put the smile back on your face.

education loans icon

Education Expenses

Medicare doesn't cover all and if you are injured or need a specialist it can be costly. A short term to cover medical bills can help you breathe easier.

moving house icon

Moving House

When you need to move there are a lot of expenses, cleaners, removalists, rental bond, extra rent. Short term loans can help get you settled. x

Short term personal loans FAQ's

A short-term personal loan can be a really useful form of finance, providing you with a quick cash injection to cover short-term costs. Perhaps your car has broken down and you urgently need to pay for it to be repaired in order to get to work or to take the kids to school. If you do not have enough money set aside to cover this unexpected cost then short-term personal loans are a fantastic solution. Maybe the tread is low on your car tyres and you urgently need to replace them to avoid getting into trouble with the police. Perhaps your fridge or washing machine has broken down and you need to buy a replacement fast.

Are your kids nagging you to get a new TV because your current one is broken? Is your lawn in need of some TLC but you need to purchase a new lawn mower first? Has your computer died and you need a quick replacement so you can work from home? Is your air conditioner broken but you need it for the summer?

Whatever your reason for needing a short-term personal loan, Australian Lending Centre has the solutions. We understand that people often need to access cash that they do not have readily available. Rather than going without or living way beneath your means, a short-term personal loan can be an opportunity to cover these expenses without making you feel like you’re drowning.

It is almost impossible to plan for the unexpected in life. You can budget and put money aside all you like, but it’s likely that there will still be times where you need some extra support. Life has a habit of throwing surprises at you when you least expect them and not all of these surprises are pleasant. You should consider getting short-term personal loans when the unexpected does happen. Rather than going into your overdraft, taking from your savings or going without, a short-term personal loan can be your answer. This form of loan is usually for smaller amounts of money, meaning that it can greatly help you in the short term, and can also be paid off quickly.

A few small weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments depending upon your chosen repayment schedule and your loan can be paid off. This means you can continue to live comfortably while you gradually pay off your expenses, rather than paying a large lump sum which can make life stressful.

If you try to pay off the short-term expense and as a result, are left short of cash to pay for bills including rent, phone and electricity then you may end up defaulting on these payments as you fail to cover them. This can lead to getting a bad credit rating and putting you in a worse situation than if you simply took out a short-term personal loan.

  • Easy application process
  • Fast approval
  • Receive funds into your bank quickly
  • Flexible terms
  • Bad credit options
  • Cover unexpected costs.