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Outstanding Australian Bank Alternative Loan Provider

Australian Lending Centre offer reputable non-bank, alternative loans, understanding debt relief services, business loans, business finance, personal loans and refinancing loans. If you have been rejected or declined by your bank for one of these forms of finance, business or personal, contact one of our specialist lending consultants today. At Australian Lending Centre we look forward to giving you a fair go with finance, regardless of your credit history. If you are looking for a  quick personal loan, you can apply online, without the drama of long applications. Our enquiry form takes about 30 seconds at the most. 

alternative to bank lending

Alternative to bank lending with More Loan Products Available

Responsible lending

Valued Loan and Finance specialists For Over 25 Years

Bankruptcy experts

Bankruptcy and Debt Agreement consultants for over 20 years

loans tailored to your business needs

Workable Tailored solutions for managing debt Issues

helped thousands of australians with loans

Helping hand Financially for Australians In Need

Short Term Loans Services

Our customers come back For Additional Finance year after year

Taking the stress out of personal and business loans

Consolidate your debts or fund life's surprises

Consolidate your debts or fund life's surprises

dynamic loans centre Offering a range of Flexible financial options

Australian Lending Centre is a high quality provider of bad credit loans and debt consolidation loans, Australia wide for business and personal reasons. ALC strive to assist people and businesses who may have multiple credit cards and personal loans, leading to debt they may feel is out of control. Often high interest on credit and store cards, as well as personal loans or business finance, may make it hard to pay off your debt in the longer term.

Are you are struggling to pay off your debt? You might want to consider applying for one of ALC’s available consolidation loan options.

With a wide range of financial services we can offer a product to truly match your needs and payment capacity. Australian Lending Centre can make finding the perfect business finance or personal loan options a stress-free process.

Simplify Your Finances With ALC

We help answer your loan questions

With Australian Lending Centre’s broad financial product offerings we may have unique options that may not have occurred to you as a future solution. Australian Lending Centre has helps thousands of people all across Australia reach their short, medium and longer term financial and lifestyle goals.

The fast and easy Australian Lending Centre business finance and personal loan options are available in all areas of Australia: Adelaide, South Australia (SA); Brisbane, Queensland (QLD); Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT); Darwin, Northern Territory (NT); Hobart, Tasmania (TAS); Melbourne, Victoria (VIC); Perth, Western Australia (WA); Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) and more. Australian Lending Centre offer many types of loans for many types of situations and we don’t judge.

Bad credit debt consolidation loans to become debt free
debt consolidation support

Why Choose Us?

A Reputable Financial Specialists Australia

When your financial needs and circumstance are unusual or unique, you need to choose someone who can get your finance application across the line. Australian Lending Centre has helped solve a broad range of customer’s financial needs for over 25 years.

We are an ideal alternative to banks because non-banks are structured differently. Non-bank products may have lower fees on financial products compared to retail banks and more favourable acceptance conditions for people with alternative situations, such as bad credit scores, minimal documentation, such as with the self-employed, or a range of criteria that the banks don’t cater to.

What Finance Options Do We Offer?

As a highly ranked provider of alternative loan products, debt relief services, personal loans and refinancing. If you have been rejected by the banks for finance, give Australian Lending Centre a call today on 1300 138 188.

Why Choose Us for debt consolidation

Consolidate Your Debts with Australian Lending Centre

Quality Personal and Business Financial Specialists In Australia

When your financial needs are unusual and outside the normal scope that the banks approve, you need to choose a lender that can find a product you will be approved for. Australian Lending Centre has solved a range of customer’s financial needs over 30 years. We are an ideal alternative to banks!

Do you have multiple debts and can’t keep up with the repayments? Are you finding it all too much and can’t seem to get on top of your finances? At Australian Lending Centre, we specialise in helping people combine (consolidate) their loans (often with higher interest rates, as with credit cards) into one easy repayment. Our debt consolidating expertise helps eliminate the stress of seemingly unmanageable debt from your life as fast as possible. Many applicants, with our help, may be able to lower monthly payments, lower interest rates on your existing loans, release equity in your home to loosen up extra funds, to stop those upsetting harassing debt collector calls and avoid bankruptcy. We have specially designed loan repayment calculators to work out an estimate of how much you could borrow for your desired payment term on your current income, financial situation and debt levels.

Don’t wait for things to get worse, take control and call Australian Lending Centre on 1300 138 188 or apply with us today. There is no impact on your credit score and application is totally obligation-free.

Australian Lending Centre is a bank alternative broker offering complimentary loan consolidation consultations to clients who reach out for help with debt assistance. While our head office is based in Sydney, New South Wales, we offer our services to every part of the country.

Our application processes are done online and by phone, so we are able to offer a high level of personal service to all Australians.

If you want to combine your loans in Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Tasmania or even Darwin, all Aussie locations are eligible for our debt consolidation loans.

Yes, whether you want secured or unsecured business loan we aim to find the right fit for your needs. No matter how many debts you’re facing, if you you want to consolidate debts, we got you covered with our tailored consolidation business loans suitable for your financial situation.

Yes, loan consolidation is one of Australian Lending Centre’s core areas of specialty so if you have multiple credit card with high interest debts that need to be consolidated (combined – to access easier payment schedules and possibly lower interest), we may just be the best choice for you. Australian Lending Centre’s loans are well known for combining multiple debt into single loans. While it might feel like you are stuck in a debt rut, there is always a way out.

No, we don’t do pay day loans. Australian Lending Centre have a range of bank alternative loan products that can be catered to the financial needs for short term loans. We understand that everybody is different and have different situations so we can help you find out the right type of loan for your particular situation. Just give us a call and we can give you a complimentary consultation or a suitable quote with the best loan options for your needs. Warning about Pay Day Loan borrowing…

Australian Lending Centre offer the types of debt assistance that include:

If you are searching for an experienced and reliable loan provider talk to Australian Lending Centre. Contact us today.

Our online Borrowing Power Calculator offers the latest technology to give you an idea of how much you would feasibly be eligible to borrow, based upon your income, current debt levels, credit card limits and other expenses. Within seconds you can see how much you may be able to borrow.

Note: this is not an application, and is indicative only based upon the information supplied. Additional criteria for loans would be required.

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