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At Australian Lending Centre, we believe that an informed consumer is a successful consumer. That’s why we’ve compiled detailed financial case studies that educate you on our loans and financing options. Learn about how services like those offered at by our lending specialists can help you get out of your financial snag.

Each study has been compiled from our industry experts on real customers who have worked with Australian Lending Centre for financing services that include:

  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Short-Term Loans
  • Business Funding
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Debt Consolidation Case Study

This case study focuses on an Australian Lending Centre customer who was in over his head with seven credit cards. See how we consolidated his credit card payments from seven to just one. Examining our table shows you his monthly and yearly savings — which might surprise you. For a complete list of our debt consolidation services, please click here.

Refinance Case Study

Learn how Australian Lending Centre saved one homeowner almost $15,000 per year in mortgage payments—over $1,000 per month! Through our complimentary finance assessment and innovative refinance options, we were able to locate the right lender and get the customer a better interest rate than any bank would have offered. For a complete list of our refinance services, please visit here.

Short Term Loan Case Study

See how we helped a local business owner with his short term loan. Australian Lending Centre helps business owners just like you expand, secure working capital and increase cash flow with our full range of short term loan products. Learn more about our short term loan options by visiting here.

Business Funding Case Study

We have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and new business owners throughout the country. Learn how we helped one individual start her own business even after the local banks refused her. Find out more about our business funding services by clicking here.

Whether you need a short-term or debt consolidation loan or you just want to refinance your home, Australian Lending Centre has the loans and financing options to meet your needs. Skip the bank and go directly to the leader, Australian Lending Centre!

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