Bad credit? No judgement, just understanding.

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  • Pay Bills
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Is your bad credit history getting in the way? You’re not alone. 1 in 5 Australian’s have a black mark on their credit file giving them bad credit history and impairing their ability to borrow funds when they need it the most.

“simplify life with ALC loans”

I was on a financial mess, me and my partner were fighting all the time for money issues, the people in ALC help me a lot and make life so much easier and more important my life style and relationship improved a ton. Is incredible what you can achieve with a bit of help an support. Thank you so much guys!


I was in such a tight spot. I tried the banks for a personal loan and they all rejected me because I didn’t have a credit history to my name because I just started working and paying bills with my name on them. But the team at Australian Lending Centre took me on and helped me throughout the entire process. If not for them, I don’t know where I’d be right now. Highly recommended!


I would highly recommend your services to any person in need and will keep you on top of our directories for any further needs we may have. Once again I commend yourself and your staff for extraordinary service and customer service, as this is a great asset to your company and a pleasant experience to customers such as myself. Wishing you all the best for the future.


I just thought I would let you know about how fantastic Rebecca has been with my application I will be recommending Australian Lending Centre to every body I know and mentioning Rebecca name as she has been absolutely 110% helpful.


The team at Australian Lending Centre went above and beyond their requirements to assist me with my debt consolidation. They were friendly, professional, and absolute gems to work with.

Sarah, WA

If I had to use only two words to describe Australian Lending Centre: trustworthy and quick. They were so nice to me and my husband and listened to us with an open ear and no judgement. They were able to secure us a loan that helped us get out of debt.

Carly & Steve, MELBOURNE

The Australian Lending Centre helped me with finance for my business in April. The process was very easy and the staff, especially Verushka, were great. They kept me informed of what was happening and managed the process for me. From the time of my first enquiry to having the money deposited in my account was quick compared with other lending institutions and the after settlement service has been excellent.


I cannot thank you enough and let you know how grateful I am for all the assistance that you and the staff have provided and I look forward to recommending you to friends and family should they need financial advice or assistance. Keep up the great work.


We love working with the Australian Lending Centre. They are a very talented team with a well though-out process and a lightning speed turnaround time. If you need a financial solution, go for it. ALC group is the team for it.

Jack, Victoria

Bad Credit Loans For All Shapes and Sizes

We understand people with bad credit are not bad people and there are a multitude of reasons for a bad credit history, many of which they couldn’t have helped.

If you have bad credit or have no credit history at all call 1300 138 188 to speak to one of our loans specialists about personal loans, business loans, home loans and of course bad credit loans with no judgment, ever. That’s our commitment to our customers… even if you have bad credit.

A few late payments or an out of control credit card balance could cause banks to reject you. With thousands of Australians looking for money and feeling stuck we work hard to qualify you and get you the money you need.

Bad Credit Loans

No need to worry if you have bad credit. Our application process is quick and simple. We have years of experience tailoring bad credit loans for our customers. We have helped thousands of Australians with their financial needs and our customers rely on us to provide them with quick financial solutions.

We Work Fast Helping You Financially

Depending on your financial situation, we will find the best loan for your needs:

  • Secured Bad Credit Loans

    A secured bad credit loan is a loan that is taken out against an asset you offer as security. Example: If you have you have equity in your property, you can qualify for a secured loan through Australian Lending Centre. By using your property to secure the loan, you could be instantly approved for our bad credit loan options.

  • Unsecured Bad Credit Solutions

    If you don’t have equity in your assets to secure your loan, don’t give up. We offer a variety of bad credit solutions that can help you get back on track. Government-backed debt agreements help you consolidate debts, stop interest from growing with creditors and prevent any further creditor harassment.

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Get in Your Way

Everyone falls on hard times. Our bad credit loans can help even if you’re dealing with creditor harassment, eviction notices, late payment requests, or bankruptcy. We understand that life can throw unexpected events your way causing you to fall behind. Events such as illness, loss of job or even a divorce can severely impact your financial situation.

Australian Lending Centre is an experienced bad credit loans lender. If you’re ready to improve your credit score, consider our debt consolidation loans and service. We’ll handle your creditors, stop the harassment and help you return to a stable state. Find out how to fix a bad credit rating.

So if you have bad credit or no credit history, you need a solution fast. Contact our bad credit loans team and get started today!

Avoid the Bank Barriers

Bank lending requirements have become stricter than ever. It isn’t easy for a consumer to secure a bad credit personal loan – especially on short notice. Australian Lending Centre understands your urgent needs, which is why most bad credit loans can be approved within as little as 48 hours. When the banks so no, we do what the banks don’t do: assist you in finding a loan that is right for you regardless of your past credit history.

If you need a bad credit loan, a specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if one of our bad credit loans is right for you.

Contact a specialist today by calling 1300 138 188 or Enquire Now.

Benefits of Bad Credit Loans with Australian Lending Centre

We offer loans for people with bad credit throughout Australia who are struggling to find financial solutions with negative listings on their credit report. Our loans for bad credit listings include paid defaults, unpaid defaults, bankruptcy and debt agreements.

When the banks say NO and you urgently need bad credit personal loans, enquire with Australian Lending Centre today! We specialise in helping people from all walks of life with the best financial solution with our own range of alternative lenders. We’ll assess your information and qualify you with the most suitable option that caters to your financial and personal situation so you can get the loan you want for the things you need.

A bad credit loan through Australian Lending Centre will also give you the opportunity to repair your credit history and that will allow your ability to borrow in the future much stronger.

Bad Credit Loans Australia

What kind of loans with bad credit do you offer?

Our range of loan products include bad credit quick loans, bad credit secured loans, bad credit business loans, unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans for people with bad credit, personal loans with bad credit and many other kinds of bad debt loans.

Can ALC offer bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval Australia?

Every personal loans bad credit applicant is different from the other and we take all our clients’ situations very seriously. In saying that, we cannot guarantee approval of each and every loan application. However, with over 30 years of experience in successfully helping our clients, we can tailor our loan products to suit our valued customers’ individual needs and situations.

So if you’re looking for a bad credit loan Australia or just a personal loan bad credit, contact one of our friendly team members for a complimentary consultation and find out how we can help you.

Contact a specialist today by calling 1300 138 188 or enquire now.