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If you want to expand your thriving enterprise but don't have the finance, apply with Australian Lending Centre. Our range of loans are designed for a large range of applicants, including bad credit.
No impact on your credit score

Business Expansion Finance Boosts Growth

Growing businesses are successful businesses. With a highly competitive business market, gaining that edge is what your business needs to flourish. Expanding a business can be expensive and many business owners don’t have the necessary capital to take the next steps forward. Business expansion finance from Australian Lending Centre is designed to propel Australian businesses further.

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Grow Faster With Business Expansion Finance

Business expansion comes in many forms, but all require some form of cash on hand to complete them. Whether you’re looking to expand into a larger facility, venture into international markets or just open a sister office in the next town, Australian Lending Centre’s business expansion finance solutions can help make it happen. Business expansion supports the long-term health of your company, and as a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we strive to support business owners in our community.

If you need business expansion finance, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if one of our commercial loan options is right for you.

Private Lenders For Business Financing

Although you might think going to a bank for your business expansion loan is your best option, think again. Banks don’t have the same network of private funding options as private lenders do. In addition, banks have tightened their requirements which makes it really difficult to obtain finance. Lack of collateral and a few blemishes on your credit file can stop the bank loan process immediately—making it disappointing for a business owner who needs to grow. Even if they’re approved for business funding, owners can expect to pay higher interest rates, bank fees and be subject to loan terms that don’t work with their business’s financial needs.

The good news is that there is hope for business expansion loans in Australia. Business owners willing to walk away from the traditional bank can get the private funding they need on terms that work for their business.

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Use Business Expansion Finance For...

Australian Lending Centre’s private funding helps make your business dreams possible. Our fast business funding options can be approved over the phone and you could receive your funds in as little as 24 to 72 hours.*

Getting a business expansion loan has never been easier. Take advantage of our private funding services to expand your business for:

How To Apply for Business Expansion Finance

Click the “Start Your Application” button. It is on the top right in the menu.

Select the type of loan that you want by clicking the button with the icon.

Step 3: Fill out the form icon

Continue through the form and follow through to the upload document prompts.

Step 4: Receive your money fast icon

If approved, the funds could be transferred to your account as little as 72 hours.

Business Expansion Finance FAQ's

Business Expansion Financing is classified as the capital used to enlarge the size of a business. Expansion financing can be used to boost growth through measures including launching of new products or services or to investing in the acquisition of new customers.

Business finance can be an extremely valuable tool for your enterprise, depending on your working capital needs, with flexible funding options for approved customers. Business finance can help grow your business, for example purchasing additional stock or inventory (through debtor finding or a line of credit) and the employment of more staff to get a product to market (using commercial overdrafts).

Commercial lines of credit (LOC), cash flow finance (working capital solutions), commercial overdrafts (to manage your expenditure), construction loans (for property development).

We have lenders that do not need full financials (which include profit and loss statements and balance sheets) as well as your tax returns, in order to offer business expansion finance. In many cases, you can support your application with business activity statements (BAS) and your company’s bank statements. (These products may have a higher interest rate however, so not appropriate for all borrowers). When we talk to you we will outline what is needed for your product and business finding needs.