Many Australians Are Turning to Debt Agreements

Debt agreements are an alternative to declaring bankruptcy. Rather than be haunted by the irreversible effects that bankruptcy can have on your credit record, entering into a debt agreement can give you a debt-free fresh start. They’re becoming the popular choice for Australians in need of debt solutions. Debt agreements are overseen by the Australian […]

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Making Sense of Australia’s Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Understanding Bad Credit with Australia’s new Comprehensive Credit Reporting
Australia’s new comprehensive credit reporting system came into effect from March 12 this year and has changed the manner in which some lenders look at risks when accepting new clients. […]

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Australian Economy is Growing – Interest Rate Impact

The Australian economy grew 1.2% in the second quarter of fiscal year 2011. That growth exceeded expectations of a 1% economic expansion. This surprised numerous economic analysts and market observers, who mostly predicted a slower growth in the period. According to some experts, the economic boost could be attributed to stronger performance of several sectors aside from mining, which for quite some time has been solely driving growth of national economy.

Investors look at this news as an additional positive development. A better performing Australian economy could translate to better profitability. Most company shares in the market have been rising following the announcement of the better-than-expected economic growth. The local currency is also gaining strength against the dollar, which is ideal for many businesses, especially those that require importation of raw materials. But what is the impact of this news to consumers, particularly to the interest rates? […]

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Australia’s Credit Card Debt – What to Know

Australian consumers are now more cautious about their spending. They are now more inclined to increase their savings and clean up their credit card debts. This observation is according to financial experts from Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. They added that local households are now aiming to put their finances in better order due to the uncertainty about global economy especially after recent reports about credit woes in the US.
Australia’s credit card debt is proving to be interesting and conflicting.

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Australian Borrowers Cautioned to Curb Spending

Borrowers have been urged to stem their spending over the approaching festive season, as the world financial markets remain unstable. As the end of the year starts to approach, the Christmas holiday period is a common time to splurge on those gifts and leisure activities, without as much concern about the bank balance. This is one of the most common times to accumulate debts.

However the head of Consumer Advocacy at a mortgage corporation Lisa Montgomery, warns it is “an area of spending which traditionally tends to blow out over the last few months of the year and invariably leads to a New Year hangover.” […]

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Rate Cuts Herald Lower Rents for Tenants

This comes as a welcome relief to many renters struggling to keep up with the mounting rental prices. As the Reserve Bank of Australia has begun to slash interest rates, relieving many Landlords’ mortgages, rental costs have similarly begun to fall.
As APM Senior Economist Liam O’Hara predicts “There maybe further moderation in median asking rents for the remainder of the year as the possibility of a global recession feeds into the Australian economy.” […]

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Unemployment Predicted to Skyrocket

The Australian unemployment rates are expected to rise as an onset of the global economic recession.
There has been much speculation in past months about the flow on effects for Australians in the wake of the global financial crisis. It seems that unemployment will be a major casualty.

John Quiggin from the University of Queensland prophesises, “Australia has not been hit, but a lethal cloud of fallout is gradually drifting southwards” The economic downturn is having an impact on households nationwide, with slowing businesses and increased living expenses. However with the global economies being slowed by Governments in attempts to stem the economic recession, so job opportunities will continue to become scarce. […]

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Further Job Losses Loom Ahead for 2009

The loss of jobs in a number of Industry sectors continues to intensify into 2009.
The Tourism and Transport forum have released their quarterly tourism industry sentiment survey which indicates that ‘Major job cuts are a frightening but realistic prospect with up to 63% of the current tourism businesses expecting to make moderate cuts to their workforce in the coming year.

On top of this, sales in the automotive industry are down with a significantly decreased domestic demand for new cars, this will see a likely cut in manufacturer production and a number of layoffs in this sector. […]

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