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what is a good interest rate?
Interest Rates

What Is A Good Interest Rate?

Find out what is a good interest rate and move forward with a loan that benefits you. This article will help you to find an affordable, flexible solution.

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what is a good car finance rate
Car Finance

What Is a Good Car Finance Rate?

Buying a new car is really exciting, but finding the right finance rate depends upon your individual circumstances. Find out what is a good car finance rate here.

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How is APR Calculated?||How is APR Calculated?
Debt Management

How is APR Calculated?

Wondering exactly what APR is and questioning how is APR calculated? We have all the answers you need to help you discover what the APR is and why it is so important when it comes to interest rates and borrowing money.

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interest rate rise
Interest Rates

Interest Rates on the Rise Again

After raising interest rates three times in quick succession in late 2009, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) increased interest rates again in March –

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