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If you need finance for the purchase of commercial property, a certified specialist at the Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need. 

We have solutions for those investors just starting out in commercial property as well as more advanced finance options for those building a commercial property portfolio. Learn more about investing in commercial property.

Types of Commercial Property Loans

There are numerous benefits to owning a piece of Australia’s commercial real estate — including tax advantages. When you own commercial real estate, you can control your own overhead expenditures, appreciations and depreciations. With Australian Lending Centre you can access private funding for your commercial loan purchase or refinance up to $5 million. We help make the application process as simple as possible — regardless of your credit file.

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Commercial Property Refinance

Get a better rate and free up capital by refinancing your current commercial property.

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Land Loans

Get up to 12 months’ holding while waiting for a DA or presale requirement to pass.

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Rural Property Financing

Buy crop-producing properties or expand your acreage with competitive financing.

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Subdivision Financing

Specifically designed to help developers in subdividing the property into smaller properties.

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Factory Financing

Get the equipment and property you need to back your factory operation!

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Retail Property Loan

Financing for the purchase of retail property to lease yourself or to another retail tenant.

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Commercial Property Loans Tailored To Your Business

Our customers know we are faster and easier with commercial property loans than the banks. Your business loans in Australia can be approved right over the phone. In fact, depending on the case, you could receive your commercial property loan within as little as 24 to 72 hours.

When you need commercial property loan finance, the friendly team at the Australian Lending Centre gives you the information you need to determine if an ALC business loan is right for you. Contact us today for assistance with the purchase of commercial property.

Occupied Commercial Property Loans

Our experts work with you to help you decide whether or not purchase of commercial property is a sound investment. Once we’ve worked out the details, we’ll access our network of private funding and lenders to find the right commercial property loans for your company. Whether you need a warehouse, new office or factory, we have the options to get it done.

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purchase of commercial property - office building

Commercial Property Loans to Refinance

If you already own a piece of commercial property, but you need a more favourable rate, consider a refinance through our commercial loan services. We have private funding available to help you refinance your current commercial property loan into a more desirable loan.

Start Your Commercial Property Loan Process Here

If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business, contact a financial specialist today.

Does your business have bad credit? Not to worry. Australian Lending Centre is the leader in bad credit commercial loan products. We have a vast network of lenders with private funds just for bad credit applicants. Don’t let previous rejections or bad credit history get in the way of your investment opportunity. Contact us now

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Reliable Land Sub-Division Finance

All it takes is a quick phone call to Australian Lending Centre to get started on your subdivision property development. Our specialists can tell you how much you qualify for, the terms and help you find the most competitive interest rates so your subdivision project gives you the biggest return on your investment.

Contact a property development finance specialist today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans is generally finance used to purchase retail stores, office buildings, factories or warehouses. Finance can also be to finance the building and development of commercial/industrial properties to sell, or lease. 

Commercial property loans is generally finance used to purchase retail stores, office buildings, factories or warehouses. Finance can also be to finance the building and development of commercial/industrial properties to sell, or lease.

Full-doc loan

A full doc loan required a comprehensive assessment of the applicants and/or guarantors.

You will need to provide complete information such as:

  1. Income and liability statements
  2. Full financials
  3. Tax returns
  4. Credit card statements.

There is more work required upfront with this type of product, but as a result the interest rate is more competitive, as there is less perceived risk.

Low-doc loan

Low-doc commercial property loans mean you don’t have to provide financial statements or tax returns.

This application needs a declaration of income from the applicant and/or their accountant of their income, and a statement that they can meet the repayments.

This type of commercial financing means that businesses with low profit margins have more options and flexibility still allowing them financing. This type of financing is offered through private lenders and non-bank institutions.

It is important to bear in mind that low-doc loan may incur high interest as the risk to the lender is deemed greater, but on the plus side,  application and approval is quicker and simpler.

No-doc loan

When an applicant has no documentation or accountant declaration, a loan is considered no-doc. This financing option is where there is an extremely strong exit strategy. These loans have a much faster turnaround time, with a higher interest rate.

You will find that goods and services tax (GST) applies when purchasing commercial or industrial properties, so you’ll need to allow an extra 10% on the property’s purchase price. GST can be claimed back as an input tax credit against GST charged on the property rent.

Long term leases

Commercial property leases are longer than residential property – and tend to be for several years instead of the standard residential leases of 6 – 12 months, offering longer security of rental income although vacancy times can be much greater.

In commercial property the lessee pays for maintenance

In the case of a residential property, the cost of maintenance, rates and repairs is paid by the landlord, however in the case of a commercial property these are paid by the lessee. The rent received goes towards profit. It is important however to ensure the commercial lease specifies responsibilities for ongoing costs.