If you are looking to add value to your home, renovation loans are something that would be appealing. Renovation loans allow you to update your existing property. For the most part, this increases the value of your primary investment, your home. Renovation loans are a great way to update your living space or that of an investment property. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, add another storey or just update the decor, renovation loans will help.

Different Home Loans between Different States

About twenty years ago, the average Australian home loan was estimated at the sum of $100,000. Things were different ten years before that when the average home loan was under $40,000. And, at the present moment, the reality shows us different and increasingly higher figures. In order to comprehend the way in which everything changed, […]

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Good News for Potential Property Renovators

The government is in the process of amending the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, which encompasses restrictions for potential property renovators
Mortgage brokers are expecting a flood of renovation loans in coming months as changes to the act were proposed on April 8th. The amendments are anticipated to change the rate of approval for property renovations, […]

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