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Advantages of Debt Consolidation Loans

Escape Debt with Debt Consolidation Loans

Managing Difficult Debt is Our Specialty

Have you got mounting debt that seems impossible to pay off? Australian Lending Centre specialises in providing solutions to improve your financial situation. When it comes the best loans for debt consolidation, we have answers on how we can help you get your finances back in line.

When you start getting those debt collectors calling, you know it is time to do something. Many people don’t understand that debt management is a process and something we at Australian Lending Centre truly understand.

Debt consolidation loans are one option int he management of debt, but if you aren’t eligible, there are other options that we can discuss with you, such as debt negotiation, debt management, information debt arrangements or even debt agreements. Whatever pickle you have found yourself in, we can find options to lighten the load so you can move forward in a better financial situation.

Debt Consolidation Loans Reduce Stress

Whatever combination of debt you have, home loan, car loan, personal loans, credit cards, buy-now-pay-later schemes and/or payday loans, these can all be packaged into one easy repayment, even if you have bad credit or lack the stacks of documentation some financial institutions require. You’ll reduce your interest rates, save some well-earned cash and keep the stress to a minimum.

If you’re having trouble paying your bills on time or your pay cheques go directly to your creditors, you should consider a debt consolidation loan. We work to reduce your payment each month by consolidating debts.

Debt consolidation Loans can help When...

Escape Debt with Debt Consolidation Loans
debt consolidation

How Does Debt Consolidation WOrk?

Debt consolidation loans combine all of your loans, debts and credit cards obligations into one easy-to-manage loan. With your debt consolidation loan you pay one payment and one interest rate — sometimes a smaller interest rate than your original one. The process also simplifies paying off your debts since you only pay one creditor — rather than multiple.

If you find yourself struggling to manage your debts, our friendly team at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if a debt consolidation loan is right for you.

How debt consolidation works
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debt consolidation Can Improve bad credit

Bad credit won’t stop you from getting a debt consolidation loan with Australian Lending Centre. While traditional banks might turn you away, we understand that every consumer falls on hard times. With years of experience in the industry, we strive to understand your credit file and secure you a debt consolidation loan.
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Advantages of Debt Consolidation
Debt Consolidation

How Do I Consolidate My Loans?

Debt consolidation is a fairly simple process. We roll your debts into one loan with one monthly payment, usually at a lower interest rate (as in the case with high-interest credit cards). Debt consolidation reduces how many bills and creditors you pay each month with the goal of reducing how much you pay total on your debts monthly and annually. The aim is to get you a debt consolidation loan with a fantastic rate, much lower than your credit card’s rate which can run as high as 26%!

Debt Consolidation loans are the easiest way to manage multiple debts. Whether you have high interest credit cards, personal loans or medical bills; ALC can roll them into one easy repayment.

Our customers love how easy it is to consolidate their debts. Apply today, and one of our specialist debt consolidation team members will call to discuss your current circumstances and assess your option. It does not impact your credit score to apply.

Types of Debt That Can Be Consolidated

Debt Consolidation Australia FAQ's

Secured and unsecured debts can pass through this type of agreement. High interest credit cards, medical bills and cash advances can also be placed in a debt consolidation program.

With Australian Lending Centre, you have over 20 years of experience in personal loans and business debt consolidation. We can assess your current financial position and recommend the best debt consolidation loan, debt management, or debt agreement options to help you pay off your debt and your life and finances back on track!

If you have equity in your home, you can use that to secure a debt consolidation loan plan. Your home acts as collateral so that we can secure you better interest rates.

This means you can access funding at an affordable, low-interest rate and this will streamline your monthly payments. This means you can pay off the high-interest cards and debts, to make one single payment with a great new low rate.

Too often the debt grows for years getting out of control. Ignoring the debt is easy, but as it builds it becomes harder and harder to see a way out. When you find yourself under the weight of too much debt to handle or your debts are eating away your wages, debt consolidation may be the financial solution you need.

Thousands of Australians have taken advantage of consolidation to make their monthly expenses more manageable and pay back their debts without filing for a debt agreement or bankruptcy.

The friendly team at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if debt consolidation loans are right for you. There are also other options for debt management and we aim to find the right solution for your circumstances.

If you have a a couple of credit cards, store cards, car finance, student loan and/or buy now pay later loans, it can be like juggling. You need to ensure that you have money in your account when each payment comes out and it can be stressful trying to keep track. Sometimes, when everything comes out at once, you can miss a payment. Then you may be charges a late fee or you have not even realise, and have a default on your credit history. The situation is confused even more with additional fees and interest rates, meaning that it can seem impossible to make a dent in the debt, even if you keep up with payments.

The situation can easily get out of control and paying everything off to become debt free and start saving can seem impossible.

This is where a debt consolidation loan can be really helpful.