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Bad Credit Personal Loans

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Have you found yourself restricted by your bad credit? At Australian Lending Centre we don’t pass judgments, we offer compassionate solutions to your bad debt. We tailor bad credit personal loans to your situation. We work to relieve your stress!

We take the time to completely appreciate your situation and work with you to develop a suitable bad credit personal loan.

We Tailor Bad Credit Personal Loans To You

Sometimes juggling finances after a few wrong decisions can become daunting and stressful.  Trying to manage these commitments can lead to late payments or a huge amount of debt that could cause other lenders to reject your applications.

Australian banks are becoming very selective as there are thousands of applicants looking to borrow money. We understand this struggle and we use our experience and knowledge to help you get back on track with one of our bad credit personal loans.

Don’t wait and let the stress build. Find a loan provider who understands you and your situation!

Our bad credit personal loans can help you pay bills and avoid:

personal loans
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Dealing with Bad Credit

Sometimes juggling finances after a few wrong decisions can become daunting.

We get that unexpected events such as illness or unemployment happen and a few poor decisions can result in a bad credit history. These situations should not result in constant rejection from lenders especially when all you need is someone to help.

At Australian Lending Centre we are here to help! We are an experienced bad credit loans lender who cares about you and wants to help provide you with quick financial solutions. To talk to our friendly personal loans team give us a call on 1300 138 188 or click ‘Apply Today’.


We Strive For Success In Helping You Recover!

We take the worry out of having bad credit. Our bad credit personal loans application is fast and straightforward. Our friendly team has extensive experience in working with applicants to customize bad credit personal loans. We have assisted thousands of Australians to obtain funds and our customers depend on us to deliver these funds quickly through our personal loans.

Bad credit personal loans for car finance

Loans To Suit Your Personal Circumstances

We offer different bad credit personal loans dependent on your financial circumstances 

secured personal loans in australia

Secured Bad Credit Loans in Australia​

A secured bad credit loan is a loan that is taken out against an asset you offer as security. Example: If you have you have equity in your property, you can qualify for a secured loan through Australian Lending Centre. By using your property to secure the loan, you could be instantly approved for our bad credit loan options.

Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans in Australia

We receive enquiries about unsecured bad credit personal loans quite a lot because many Australians do not have a property or assets to secure their loan. Australian Lending Centre offers different options in terms of an alternative bad credit personal loan.

If you need a personal loan and have a bad credit rating, call our friendly team and see if one of our bad credit personal loans is right for you. Time to get back on track.

unsecured personal loans australia

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