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Home Loans – Do’s And Don’ts

Finding suitable home loans for your needs is a tedious task. A lot of people say that purchasing the house you want to live in will be you single greatest expenditure. So it is important, especially to future lenders that they are well prepared in entering in to this kind of. No one likes getting rejected, especially […]

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Debt Crisis as Housing Market Plummets

Australians attempting to sell their homes are suffering as property values take a nosedive.
Hitting hard particularly in areas of Sydney, a recent investigation has shown that sellers are falling into dire financial situations due to the low property prices and a plummeting housing market. As The Sydney Morning Herald discerned, “plummeting property prices have meant many vendors are confronting negative equity, where they owe more on the property than it is worth.” Many Australians asking what they should do in such a downward trending housing market.

One particular example, of a three bedroom brick-veneer house in St Claire which recently sold in August for $260,000 plummeted 42% from its 2003 sale of $450,000. […]

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