5 Reasons A Short Term Loan Is an Excellent Solution

Taking a loan isn't proof that you aren't administrating your finances well or that you aren't earning enough money to support your family. A loan is a great method that offers you a way out of a problem!

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Debt Consolidation Loans: Quick Fix and Permanent Solution

There’s no easy way to overcome bad debts, but if used wisely debt consolidation loans can quickly tackle them head-on, and put your finances back on the right track.

Bad loans interrupt your life and prevent you from reaching your financial goals. They ruin your credit history, decrease your chance of getting favorable loans and may […]

What is the Best Way to Consolidate Debt this 2017?

The best way to consolidate debt depends on your needs and financial situation. Here are ways to consolidate your debt to ease your financial burden and build your credit score.
Types of debt consolidation
There are two ways to consolidate debt; through a debt consolidation loan or debt settlement consolidation.

Debt Consolidation

The first type is a type of […]

Top Questions to Ask Yourself before Consolidating Your Debt

Debt consolidation is the process that gathers the total amount of your outstanding debts into one single loan. As with any other financial procedures, it may or may not work for you. The key is to know what to look at to ensure that you’ve made the right choice for your personal background. If you’re […]

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Why Should You Choose Debt Consolidation?

If you are like one of many Australians with numerous debts, you’ve probably considered debt consolidation. There are quite a few benefits of debt consolidation when you’re facing mounting debts from multiple creditors. Here are the top reasons for consolidating your debt:
You will only have one repayment
When you’re juggling many different repayments – sometimes on […]

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Consolidating debt can help you save big

If credit card bills are stacking up and the interest rates are making it impossible to ever think of being clear of debt then it is time to act. Interest rates on credit cards have been stable at a high rate, making a relatively small credit card balance to quickly escalate out of control. If […]

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Consolidate Debts Into A Home Loan

Australia’s interest rates have decreased drastically and now is the best time in years to consolidate debt or get a loan for a new home or both! Given the interest rate atmosphere and the ease of combining of debt into a new home loan, now is the best time to get all your debts rolled […]

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5 Rules to Avoid a Bad Credit Score

These days, no one could be immune to possible bad credit. Many people are incurring either a job loss or a reduced income. Some just could not control their personal finances effectively. A bad credit score has become very common especially now that many consumers find difficulty in meeting financial obligations.
No one wants to incur bad credit. That is for sure. Getting a poor credit rating is like a curse. It could mean many other problems and difficulties. Bad credit could be a passport to higher interest rates and discrimination from banks and other financial institutions. Fortunately, incurring bad credit could be avoided. Here are five rules you could observe to do so. […]

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Australian Household Debt Increasing

According to the latest household debt information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, average debt for each household is now at $50,500. It is up to 34% higher compared to the household debt average on the preceding report. This clearly indicates that household debt across the country continues to rise.

It is sad to note that debt has now become a part of living. Needless to say, it contributes to daily stress in the lives of numerous Australians. It even affects overall health and happiness. To be able to fully understand rising household debt so that proper strategies could be employed to control it, there is a need to analyse the possible causes. […]

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Australian Credit Card Debt has Risen

Australia’s debt on credit cards has risen to record levels this year. However, the amount of repayments aimed at reducing credit card debt has drastically fallen.
While facing rising unemployment and a looming recession, Australians cut back on their credit card repayments by 7.1% in February. Australian credit card debt grew by 1.7% to a record $45.4 billion, equating to an average debt of $3,149 for every cardholder in the country. […]

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