A Savings Plan That Works

A savings plan should be a part of everyone’s life. It is not something you need to consider but something that you need to make a conscious decision on doing and sticking with. Just like everything else that you are serious about you should have a plan on how to do it. With no plan […]

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How Pet Owners Can Save on Pet Food

Owning a pet can be incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and fun over the course of your furry friend’s life, but it can also get quite expensive. We don’t always consider the long-term costs of pet ownership because let’s face it; they’re cute and cuddly so the benefits usually take precedent over the practicality. Adding a bag […]

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Start a Savings Habit

Decide your savings goals – this will help you work out the best way to save to achieve them.


Purpose of the loan

Short-term (0 to 2 years)

• Christmas and holidays
• An emergency fund for unexpected expenses

Medium-term (2 to 5 years)

• Pay off loans
• Put a deposit on a house
• Buy a […]

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