Australian Credit Card Debt has Risen

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The rising levels of credit card debt in Australia reached record levels in 2011. However, the number of repayments aimed at reducing credit card debt drastically fell.

While facing rising unemployment and a looming recession, Australians cut back on their credit card repayments by 7.1% in February. Australian credit card debt grew by 1.7% to a record $45.4 billion, equating to an average debt of $3,149 for every cardholder in the country.

Rising Credit Card Debt

While the latest Reserve Bank data showed that the growth rate of credit card debt was actually slowing, the expanding gap between spending and repayments is a frightening reality of recessionary periods, CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian said. This is concerning as we are now seeing credit card spending declining, however, the balances owing are still rising due to the interest charges.

It is time that people take control of their finances, rather than letting their credit cards control them. Consolidating debts, balance transfers and repaying cash advances are among the best ways to manage credit card debt.

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