Debt Management

Australians Credit Habits Change

Australians have been shifting from credit cards to debit cards when making purchases showing changing credit habits. The value of purchases and cash advances on credit and charge cards fell to $18.8 billion, 1.5% less in August than July.

However Australians are also expected to increase overall credit card debt as they become more confident about the economic recovery. This is evident as the total EFTPOS purchases and cash withdrawals rose 2.1% in the month of August.

This new trend is a positive movement, however some Australians continue to struggle to repay their debts, and one in five of those say that they are likely to apply for more credit in the upcoming months to Christmas.

Financial Planning

Australian Borrowers Cautioned to Curb Spending

Borrowers have been urged to stem their spending over the approaching festive season, as the world financial markets remain unstable. As the end of the year starts to approach, the Christmas holiday period is a common time to splurge on those gifts and leisure activities, without as much concern about the bank balance. This is one of the most common times to accumulate debts.

However the head of Consumer Advocacy at a mortgage corporation Lisa Montgomery, warns it is “an area of spending which traditionally tends to blow out over the last few months of the year and invariably leads to a New Year hangover.”