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Prepare for Retirement with A Private Loan

Retirement planning has two phases, pre-retirement which can be described as the pre-accumulation of wealth, and post-retirement which is the distribution of your accumulated financial assets. As you near the retirement age, it is important to collate the amount that you need upon retirement and put it into various investment instruments to grow your money. […]

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Pay Off Debts and Save for Retirement

Saving up for retirement is one of the things that everyone should pay attention to and take into consideration. Sooner or later, you’ll realise it’s time to stop working and retire. It would be nice to retire if you have sufficient money and don’t have any debts to pay and worry about. Retirement is a […]

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Retirees Struggle with Finances

A recent survey has shown that one in four self-funded retirees has been forced to return to the workforce as a result of their shrinking retirement funds. On top of this, retirees are looking to cut spending, accept a lower standard of living, sell assets, cancel travel and recreational activities, or delay retirement altogether.

The survey shows that four in ten have lost more than $100,000 in the market downturn. More than one in ten have lost half of their invested wealth (excluding unlisted property).

As a result, 26% of retirees have been forced to get a job or are planning to do so simply to make ends meet.


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