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5 Warning Signs of Out-of-Control Debts

The first sign of a financial problem is denial that you need to ask for debt help.

A person is most likely to ask for help upon reaching the rock bottom when the only logical way out is bankruptcy. Before you sink deeper into debt, here are some questions you can ask yourself to know if […]

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Aussie Families Struggle with Debt

One of Australia’s biggest reporting agencies says the global financial downturn is still hurting people, with 1 in 6 Australians struggling to pay off their debt.
Veda Advantage says a fair 20% of those in debt are actually looking for additional credit to help pay off their existing debts. In these tough economic times Australians have really felt it hit their pockets.

The survey conducted by Veda comes at a time when a growing number of economists are starting to think that the worst of the global downturn is coming to an end. However there continues to be a segment of society that is still doing it tough – this could also be associated with the now larger unemployment rate.


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