Debt Consolidation Example

With multiple debts, we can combine these into one repayment. Read the debt consolidation example below to see how we can help you save money and worries.


Paul was struggling with Debt

Paul was struggling month-to-month to pay for his seven credit cards. With hundreds of dollars in interest piling up each month, Paul found it next to impossible to make his balances go down. Since Paul had other monthly obligations — including a mortgage — he could only afford the minimum payment, which wasn’t enough.

Like many others before him, Paul felt helpless. His days and nights were spent stressing over how he would pay his monthly payments and how he would get debt relief. Worse, Paul was living pay cheque to pay cheque and each time he made a payment on his cards, he had to use it to survive. Paul was out of cash.

Paul heard about debt relief programs, but he thought debt consolidation was only for those severely in debt. While Paul was certainly struggling, he was afraid his lowering credit score would leave him rejected.


Debt Consolidation was Paul's Answer

In this debt consolidation scenario Paul contacted Australian Lending Centre where our debt relief experts guided him every step of the way through the debt consolidation process. We helped him relieve his financial stresses and get back on track financially.

Paul’s seven credit cards and his home loan were consolidated into a convenient, single monthly payment. Paul made sure he’d never run up his credit cards again by cutting up the cards themselves.

Paul chose the home loan refinance debt consolidation package and received $31,000 to consolidate his debts.

A valuable lesson was learned by Paul as well. Even though he was saving through his debt consolidation loan, he wanted to save even more and avoid this situation in the future. To do that he made a plan to be debt-less in 10 years by paying back his debt consolidation loan with the funds he saved by consolidating his credit cards.

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