Short Term Loans Example

We approved Joseph's short term loan for $25,000 with funding within 72 hours.
joseph the farmer short term loan


The Banks Couldn't Help Joseph's Business

Each year hundreds — if not thousands — of business owners and consumers find themselves in financial jams. Joseph was one of those individuals. His agricultural business needed cash fast in order to maximise future profits and still have working capital to make payroll during his off-season. Joseph was concerned he would have to liquidate precious assets to pay his people, which would put his business in serious jeopardy. The banks were unwilling to help Joseph because of his fluctuating, seasonal income, but Joseph needed funds — and fast.

Joseph Only Needed Funds for The short Term

That was when Joseph contacted Australian Lending Centre. Our short-term loan specialists were able to locate a variety of business loan products from our network of private lenders and we were able to provide him with the cash he needed in just 72 hours!

Joseph didn’t need a large commercial loan; he just needed enough cash to get through the seasonal downtime. Like most agricultural businesses, Joseph knew that the down season lowered his cash reserves, but he needed enough equipment and supplies on hand to get ready for peak season. Since his cash flow problems were only temporary, a short-term loan was all Joseph needed to get by and keep his business running.

Short Term Loans Case Study
short term loans case study


Joseph's $25K Loan for Cash Flow

This short term loan case study could become a reality for you. Australian Lending Centre approved Joseph for a $25,000 short-term loan and the funds arrived within 72 hours. The short-term loan was perfect for Joseph and his business and he was able to repay the loan on-time. Now, when Joseph suffers from cash flow shortage, he turns to Australian Lending Centre for all of his loan needs.

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