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Barbara's business loan


Barb's Business Loan was turned By The Banks

Barbara used to have a retail store specialising in designer fashion, shoes and accessories. With the general downturn of bricks and mortar trading, Barbara decided to change her business model to an online store. Initially she build a rough website, using pre-made theme on an e-commerce platform, but couldn’t get website to the site, let alone convert visitors to customers.

She needed to invest in a serious e-commerce website, strong branding, built by professionals. She also needed to spend extensively on digital marketing, influencer outreach and advertising, as well as employ a photographer to present the products in their best light and create content for social media. The bank just didn’t “get it”.

All of this was going to cost Barbara a lot, but she was committed to her goals. She applied to the bank but because she didn’t have a record of positive sales for her retail store they rejected her loan application for an e-commerce store, despite the fact that she had equity in her home and has a very sound and viable business plan and a strong background in marketing and PR.


We Saw True Potential In Barbara's Business

The Australian Lending Centre saw potential in Barbara’s plan, because they saw her passion and work ethic, as well as marketing savvy. Australian Lending Centre approved a loan for Barbara that allowed her to employ a highly recommended digital marketing agency, to design and build her highly functional online store, that was easy for her to manage. The digital marketing agency then used highly effectively online strategies, which meant she was ranking high on Google for the designer brands she stocked as well as for fashion and accessories in general. 

Barbara was also able to take on a part time photographer to shoot her products for the online store as well as more natural images for social media posts to gain exposure.

That business loan allowed Barbara to build a strong, robust, agile, high visibility website, and turn her flailing bricks and mortal retail store into a thriving online business, shipping fashion and accessories worldwide.

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Our Long Term Business Relationship

As Barbara’s online store flourished, her business needs grew, and despite having accomplished her initial goals, and paid the original loan off in full, Barbara needed to expand her inventory, staff and premises. 

Because we had a positive relationship and experience with her, she returned to us for a business expansion loan. 

Barbara’s business needed a warehouse with studio space for a full time graphic designer, computer system, social media manager, and dispatch staff. ALC were able to make her dream of expansion a reality. With her good business sense, great advisors and mentors, Barbara’s business, that started in her garage, was now a fully fledged e-commerce success story.

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