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See how Samantha saved over $14K annually on her home loan refinance.
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Paying too much on Her home loan

Samantha was just like you. She couldn’t keep up with her mortgage payments and other financial commitments. Only, she had two children she also had to support. To make sure she could provide for them, she started to look for a refinance program. The only problem was that there were dozens of lenders, interest rates and refinance options out there. She didn’t know how to choose which was right for her or her family.

Thousands of Australians are struggling to pay their home loan. Rather than become arrears, owners can take advantage of the numerous refinance packages available. With the favourable interest rates available, Australian Lending Centre was able to save Samantha $1,223 every month — that’s $14,676 annually!


Samantha Saved over $1000 per month

Samantha heard about Australian Lending Centre’s refinance services. She contacted our home loan specialists to receive her complimentary, no obligation refinance analysis. We were able to tell her right away what refinance option she qualified for and how much she could save. 

Australian Lending Centre were able to provide her with a list of lenders to choose from so that she still had a say in how her home loan was handled.

Not only did Samantha save over $1,000 per month with our refinance services, but she saved herself weeks of hassle and stress trying to find the right lender for her home loan. To help Samantha even further, our specialists were able to get her extra cash to pay down her personal loans and credit cards so that she had one, convenient monthly payment to worry about.

home loan refinance case study
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We are Home Loan Refinance Specialists

This refinance case study could become a reality for you. Australian Lending Centre has access to a large network of home loan lenders. We can create tailor-made refinance packages that suit any consumer’s budget or personal need. Give our home loan specialists a call today and see how we can help you refinance your current loan.

Got bad credit? Not to worry. We can still offer you a variety of refinance options regardless of your credit history. Find out now.

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