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There are numerous benefits to owning a piece of Australia’s commercial real estate — including tax advantages. When you own commercial real estate, you can control your own overhead expenditures, appreciations and depreciations. With Australian Lending Centre you can access private funding for your commercial loan purchase or refinance up to $5 million. We help make the application process as simple as possible — regardless of your credit file.

If you need Commercial Finance, a certified specialist at Australian Lending Centre can give you the information you need to see if one of our Commercial loans is right for you. Contact a specialist today by calling 1300 138 188 or Enquire Now.

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Everyone has different levels of business borrowing power. This is calculated on your business’s net income, how much . You may be incredibly surprised to find out that you had more borrowing power than you thought with Australian Lending Centre, even if you have bad credit or lack of documentation. So what are you waiting for? Find out how much you might be able borrow today to purchase a new commercial property or refinance an existing one with our borrowing power calculator.

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Commercial Loan Products Include:

Do you own a commercial property and you’re looking to refinance? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy your first commercial property? ALC can assist you to expand your business and keep your business moving, even if you have a bad credit history or if you are self-employed and lacking documentation.
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We know that production is time and time is money. Let us help you to get the finance you need for your operation or factory with a no hassle loan from ALC.  
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If you’re looking to expand your operation with the latest technology or you just need to upgrade your existing equipment? We can help get your business moving even quicker than most of the banks!
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We can help finance your development dreams with a development and construction loan. Have you been overlooked by a bank? We may be able to help.
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Subdividing a property you already own or want to own? Find out how we can help you financially to achieve your Sub-division goals.
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Getting a development approval or amending a DA can be costly, not to mention other factors when developing like rezoning, amalgamating with other sites or even if you didn’t get the pre-sales you expected. ALC understands that you need more time and more funds.  
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If you live in a rural region of Australia you know that help can be hard to come by some times when it comes to buying property or consolidating your current debts. We have a massive choice of property loans to suit most situations.
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Is your next business just out of reach? Or perhaps you want to refinance or restructure your current business? Let one of our business specialists help you out.
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Far More Desirable Loans

Investment Property Commercial Loan

Making a commercial real estate purchase is a big step. Whether you already own a business or you’re an entrepreneur, you need an experienced professional in business loans for Australia. We have the expertise and private funding solutions you need to buy any type of commercial property — including shopping malls, retail outlets, multi-family properties, mixed-use buildings and offices.

We offer commercial loan products for purchase or refinance. Get up to 80 percent of the loan to value ratio for all commercial investments. With our flexible terms and flat rates, you’re guaranteed to have a payment and loan structure that suits your business.

Occupied Commercial Property

Our experts work with you to help you decide whether or not purchasing your own commercial property is a sound investment. Once we’ve worked out the details, we’ll access our network of private funding and lenders to find the right financing solution for your company. Whether you need a warehouse, new office or factory, we have the options to get it done.

Refinance Commercial Property

If you already own a piece of commercial property, but you need a more favourable rate, consider a refinance through our commercial loan services. We have private funding available to help you refinance your current commercial property loan into a more desirable loan.

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If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business, contact a financial specialist today by calling 1300 138 188 now or Enquire now.

Does your business have bad credit? Not to worry. Australian Lending Centre is the leader in bad credit commercial loan products. We have a vast network of lenders with private funds just for bad credit applicants. Don’t let previous rejections or bad credit history get in the way of your investment opportunity. Contact us now!