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Land Bank Loans can Help With...

Land Bank Loans

create, hold and develop vacant or disadvantaged properties

A popular strategy to turn downed communities is land banking. These public authorities are able to create, hold and develop vacant or disadvantaged properties. When you invest in a land banking opportunity, your goal is to convert distressed properties and vacant properties into marketable assets. To participate in land banking you must:

Land bank Loans Can work in small or large communities

Land banking works in small and large communities alike, but it requires extensive loans and funding. Most financial institutions reject land bank opportunities because of their risk. At Australian Lending Centre, we have access to private funds that can help communities and investors manage these vacant properties and transform them into productive real estate.
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Agricultural Land Bank Loans

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Is Land Banking Right for You?

Abandoned or distressed properties greatly affect the land values throughout Australia. They can deter new buyers, attract higher levels of criminal activity and depress a community beyond repair. Land bank loans reinvest into these distressed communities and help turn around the neighbourhood as a whole. These economic and community tools revitalise business and residential districts. Land banks are able to:

Land bank loan investment in communities
Land bank loans for new neighbourhoods and communities

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