A non-bank lender like ALC, is an institution other than a bank or credit union offering loan products to consumers. A non-bank lender does not hold a banking license and is highly regulated by the Consumer Credit Code and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, also known as ASIC. Most non-bank lenders are privately owned.

Private Funding Offers More Flexibility

The benefits of using a non-bank lender like us is that we have more flexibility in the rates and fees that we can offer to you, the consumer. We can often get a better rate than the banks and help keep the finance market competitive. You, the consumer, benefit by being able to find loans with reduced fees and lower interest rates.

We Are More Flexible About Credit History

Other benefits of using ALC is that our criteria is not as strict if your credit history is on the low side. We offer flexible solutions, meeting your specific needs and requirements. ALC also offer complete transparency and a hands-on customer service with a niche of loan products to suit your needs as well as traditional home loans, debt consolidation loans, refinancing loans, personal loans and more.