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Australian Lending Centre have helped thousands of Australians to secure their bad credit loans every year. As bad credit experts for over 30 years, Australian Lending Centre knows how to help you.

If you have been declined in the past or have unpaid debts and late payments on your credit file, you may need a bad credit loan. The Australian Lending Centre has friendly staff ready to help you find a tailored solution to get you back on the right financial track. To speak with one of our friendly consultants call 1300 138 188 or Enquire Online.

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This happens but should not close off your options. We specialize in bad credit loans. The first thing we will do is look at your overall personal and financial positions. From there we will discuss all the options available and together we will select the most appropriate product. Normally, this takes no more than 10 minutes and you may receive your answer in less than 48 hours. Let us help you! To begin we need your assistance. Please click the Enquire Now button and fill in the form to get started.
That as well happens but should not stop your projects. At Australian Lending Centre, we still welcome you, even with a high amount due on your loans. We work with you our fees don’t sky rocket because you have default payments. All you need is a form of employment, income and a bank account to apply for our personal loans. We tailor each loan in function to your needs.
A good thing to know is that having equity is not mandatory for getting a loan. In fact, the two classic personal loan options are: personal loan secured with your equity; or unsecured personal loan. In both case, we offer flexible repayment terms, competitive rates and personalized advice. The approval of the personal loan could be given in less than three days and your consultant will secure you the right rate, payment and terms to help you get the most out of your new loan.

Advantages of ALC bad credit loans.