Non bank lenders offer non bank loans. Great rates, low doc, bad credit
Non-bank lenders can offer flexibility in lending criteria for a non-bank loan

Have you exhausted every main stream avenue to get a loan? Don’t fit the banks’ requirements? Don’t be discouraged! Just because you have bad or low credit or you don’t have the right documents (low doc) doesn’t mean non-bank loans are out of your reach. Let Australian Lending Centre find the right non-bank loan for you.

Alternative Non-Bank Lenders Work Better for Most Australians

Today’s traditional lending requirements have become much more strict. Banks are turning down more consumers despite ideal credit. Today’s banks focus on pristine candidates—those with long, healthy credit files, superior scores and excellent cash flow. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to most customers and business owners. If this applies to you, there are non-bank lenders that can help with non-bank loans.

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A Non-Bank Loan Solution to Smile About

You might assume that going directly to the bank is your best option for securing a loan, but think again. Non-bank loans are a legitimate alternative.

Non-Bank Specialists Guide You Through The Entire Process

Whether you have a pile of credit card bills or a mortgage payment you can’t afford, non-bank lenders have more finance options than the average bank for those with poor or bad credit. Australian Lending Centre can locate the best non-bank personal loans and business loans to save you time, money and unnecessary enquiries on your credit file.

Our specialists can guide you through the entire process, make sure you have the right documentation and only offer you a private non-bank loan service that you’ll be approved for. ALC don’t say no when you need help—instead, we work tirelessly to get you the help you need.

Non-Bank Lenders Show Results

Australian Lending Centre is by your side to help navigate through the loan option maze and help you get results ten times faster than a bank officer ever could.

ALC are a compassionate non-bank lender who considered and understands your situation for more than just paying off debt or getting a more affordable mortgage rate—it’s about peace of mind.

Australian Lending Centre is the ideal non-bank lender that has thousands of non-bank loan options to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to buy a home, take out a personal loan or start a new business venture, let us find the right loan for you. Contact us today by calling 1300 138 188 or enquire now.

What is a Non-Bank Lender and what are the Benefits of Using a Non-Bank Lender

A non-bank lender like Australian Lending Centre, is an institution other than a bank or credit union that offers loan products to consumers. A non-bank lender does not hold a banking license and is highly regulated by the Consumer Credit Code and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, also known as ASIC. Most non-bank lenders are privately owned.

The benefits of using a non-bank lender like Australian Lending Centre is that we have more flexibility in the rates and fees that we can offer to you, the consumer. We can often undercut the banks and help keep the market competitive. You, the consumer, benefit by being able to find loans that have reduced fees and lower interest rates.

Other benefits of using Australian Lending Centre is that our criteria is not as strict if your credit history is on the low side. We are flexible, meeting your specific needs and requirements. ALC also offer complete honesty and a hands-on customer service with a niche of loan products that will suit your needs as well as traditional home loans, debt consolidation loans, refinancing loans, personal loans and more.