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Strong Australian Property Market
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Property Market Strong – Sell Now

Property markets are booming ahead of the spring selling season, however analysts warn that the selling blitz may be a sign that vendors are making

business loans
Business Loans

Thinking of Starting a Business?

25 June 2010 Thinking of starting a small business? Once you have decided to start your own business, there are many steps required to get

short term loans

Rent Prices Soar to New Heights

Frightening new statistics suggest rent prices are set to rise by up to 50% over the next four years. A new study from Australian Property

Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis
Debt Consolidation

Sub-Prime Crisis Heralds New Age of Debt

The Sub-Prime crisis is sending the international property market into recession, with property values falling significantly. However surprisingly, the Australian property market continues to rise.

World's Cheapest Car

World’s Cheapest Car Signals New Era

The revolutionary four door ‘no-frills’ car unveiled in India earlier this year, is the world’s cheapest car, pricing at a mere $2835. The Tata group

Money Saving Tips
Debt Management

Tips for Saving Your Money

With living costs always on the rise, and those stressful interest rate hikes, debt can be an easy category to fall into. However there are

tax payers bail out banks

Taxpayers to bail out banks

The Government must come clean about which Australian banks are in danger of collapsing, instead of using taxpayer money to prop them up behind the

Australian Lending Centre||Australian Lending Centre
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A Most Deserving Winner

11 August 2008 Vicki Reynolds from Oberon, New South was delighted to receive the congratulatory phone call from Chris Riotto, Managing Director of Australian Lending

bad credit home loans
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New Trend Forced in Mortgage Market

New figures suggest that there is a new trend emerging in the mortgage market; non romantic couples entering into a shared mortgage. It is becoming

selling your investment property
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Selling Your Home or Investment Property

Congratulations on the prospective sale of your property. It is often an exciting and yet stressful time. Let’s face it, putting your property on the market

Managing Credit Card Debt
Credit Card Consolidation

Practical Ideas to Manage Credit Card Debt

Have you noticed how almost every commercial establishment is now making irresistible offers just to convince you to spend and it’s usually using your credit

refinance home loan
Refinance and Refinancing

Consumers Unhappy With Their Mortgage

In the financial market today, competition among banks and lenders tends to run high to try and land clients. As the consumers are first pulled

struggling small business owners
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Struggling Small Business Can Survive

In a recent report among some small and medium enterprises, researchers found that optimism had dropped 41% to just 38% from the previous year. This decline in confidence has caused many small businesses to act cautiously and begin reevaluating the year ahead.

Benefits of Mortgages
Refinance and Refinancing

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home & Mortgage

The amount of people downsizing to smaller homes is adding even greater pressure to property prices as empty-nesters and households under financial stress compete with

Refinance Home Loan
Refinance and Refinancing

Top Reasons for Refinancing Your Home Loan

You may have heard a lot about the mortgage term ‘refinancing’. Used effectively, refinancning your home can be a great way to consolidate debt, release home equity and get a better interest rate.

borrowers refinancing with low rates
Refinance and Refinancing

Borrowers Refinance While Rates Are Still Low

With interest rates broadening between loan providers and some borrowers feeling frustrated with a lack of customer sympathy from their lender, now is the perfect

bad debt and credit history
Debt Management

Good Debt V.S. Bad Debt

As interest rates continue to rise, the question arises as to whether you are carrying too much personal debt. Veda Advantage’s biannual Australian Debt Study