Selling Your Home or Investment Property

selling your investment property

Congratulations on the prospective sale of your property. It is often an exciting and yet stressful time. Let’s face it, putting your property on the market is a big step.

So tell me, why are you selling?

There are many reasons you could be selling your property, do you want to upsize? Maybe you want to downsize? Perhaps you are finding the burden of your existing mortgage just too much?

If you are struggling with your current monthly commitments and need short term funds to help you over the hump until your property sells, call us now on 1300 138 188 for a confidential enquiry with one of our team.

Selling Your Home or Property

How long will it take?

We can deposit cleared funds in your account within 24 hours providing we are satisfied that you meet all documentation, loan suitability and ability-to-pay requirements at the time of application. With ALC there are no intimidating application forms and hours spent trekking into the bank for appointments and more paperwork. We can approve your loan quickly and simply over the phone.

What do I do if you have found a new property but haven’t sold mine?

Call us. It is that simple. We can organise bridging finance to make sure you can secure your new property whilst waiting for your current property to sell.


Why are we one of Australia’s leading private lenders?

Australian Lending Centre is not a bank. We treat our customers as valued people, not numbers. We offer a range of loan products and pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. Over 15,000 happy customers can’t be wrong.

So whether you are looking to purchase a new family home or finding a way out of your current debts, call us now on 1300 138 188.

For fast approval and friendly efficient service, contact us now through our website or call us on 1300 138 188.


We wish you the best of luck with your forthcoming property sale.

Yours sincerely

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