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In the financial market today, competition among banks and lenders tends to run high to try and land clients. As the consumers are first pulled in by flashy mortgage offers and promises, once the initial honeymoon stage phases the consumers find something they are unhappy with.

In a recent report released by a professional in the industry, they claim about 47% of current mortgage holders are not satisfied with their current mortgage. The majority of the unhappy mortgage holders feel that changing their home loan will be too hard or cost too much in time and money.

Refinancing is the solution to the misconception that changing home loan providers will not improve their situation. Choosing to refinance your home loan is a great option to take advantage of lower interest rates or to source additional cash available from the equity in your home. As this is becoming a more well-known issue, providers are offering increasingly competitive rates and incentives to choose a refinancing product.

Australian Lending Centre has done the leg work and found some of the most competitive refinance products available on the market today, which ultimately will save you time and money as we’ve done the research for you.

Through the refinance process, your current home loan will be paid out in full and you may be able to also pay out additional loans or release some funds in your home loan for a project such as home renovations. The new home loan will often utilise a lower interest rate and also should provide you with a lower monthly repayment.

In addition to refinancing, Australian Lending Centre offers products such as debt consolidation that will allow you to control and eliminate your debt. Debt consolidation focuses on all the debts you have; a personal loan, credit cards, etc and combines them all into one lump sum loan. Similar to refinancing, it creates an easier loan to manage with one low interest rate and one monthly payment. As we have many lenders available, we are sure to provide you with excellent options.

If you are unhappy with your current mortgage or are drowning in debt repayments, contact Australian Lending Centre today on 1300 138 188. Our debt consolidation consultants will assist you in find the best option. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form on the right and a debt consultant will contact you shortly.

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