Do you think that your finance is stuck in a rut and you’re wondering what debt relief strategy will work for you?

It took time to get your finances in rut. It will take time to get your finances in order as well. Here are tips to get out of debt and to build your credit.

Take a day off

Walk away to a quiet place where you can think about your finances and how you got into a difficult financial situation. Be sure it is a quiet place, with no internet, no friends and no work to distract you. Make a time to write down your thoughts about your debt, evaluate your financial decisions and to write down your present and future goals.

A little time off would help you concentrate on the real issues you’re facing. It can also help you gain a realistic perspective of your current financial concerns and fears.

Write down your assets, liabilities, and other pressing concerns surrounding your finances.

If you are married or living with a partner, writing down all your financial issues can help you talk about sensitive financial issues without getting into a fight. Prepare the bills; write them down one by one-including their interests, due dates, late charges and other matters that need attention. Then, create a budget together-or propose one if the other spouse or partner is not so into budgeting. Exchange opinions on the matter and work on a budget that would fit both of your lifestyle and financial goals.


Evaluate your financial plans

How do you want to live? It’s a no brainer that no one wants to live from paycheck to paycheck or end up in a multitude pile of debt. That’s why debt relief solutions are so tempting for borrowers. But before you seek debt relief, do some brainstorming to get a clearer perspective of what you want to achieve in life. Make specific plans for reaching your goals.

Compare debt relief solutions and choose one that best suits your financial situation

Australian Lending Centre offers the following debt relief options:

Debt consolidation:  You can combine all your existing loans into one big loan. This way, you can lower the interest rates; get affordable terms and easy-to-manage monthly repayment plan.

Mortgage Refinancing: Repay your current home loan using new or second mortgage to enjoy lower interest rates, a favorable term, or a lower monthly payment.

Debt Agreement:  Try negotiating with your creditors to reduce your debts. Who knows? Maybe they can forgive some of the penalties to make your payment manageable. ALC also negotiates favourable agreement with your creditors or loan providers to reduce your debt or make your payment requirement more affordable so you can quickly repay your debts.

Credit card debt relief: Consolidate credit card debts to save on penalties and interest rates. ALC’s credit card relief program allows you to pay off high-interest credit card debts and transfer the loan amount to another low interest loan or credit card.

Contact Australian Lending Centre today to learn more about our debt relief program.