If your next payday is just a few days away and you’re in dire need of quick cash, would you go for cash advance loans? Good or bad, anyone who’s close to broke and has no access to quick cash is tempted to take it.

Many people believe that cash advance is a smart idea, but is it?

Take a good look at the cash advance payday loans and weigh if it’s good or bad for your financial health:


  • Get approved quickly
  • Loans are available even for a high-risk borrower
  • Pay for emergency situations fast. Did your car break down? Is there an emergency field trip in your child’s school? Or, are you taking advantage of the big discount on equipment for your business? Use it any way you like it, cash advance payday loans can save the day.

As long as you can assure the lender that you can repay, you can get the money you need fast and you don’t have to worry about receiving notices that your utilities will be cut off because you missed the payment.


It usually comes with very high interest rates which can be a flat fee or a certain percentage of the cash advance payday loans. For example, a cash advance lender charges 20% per $100 borrowed. That means the borrower has to pay $20 in interest on a monthly basis. If you missed payment on the first month, the interest would accumulate and you’ll be paying more than your original debt as the time goes on and the debt remains unpaid. 20% may not be a big deal if you will pay it outright when you receive your pay for the month. But, if you took a loan 7 days before your payday, you will be paying a large fee for a 7-day loan.


If you’re borrowing against your salary, where will you get money to pay for your expenses before the next payday? It can lead to another debt until you can’t get out of it anymore.

Is cash advance loan a good idea?

A person has too much debt when he owes more than what he can afford to pay, simply because his income is lower than his debt, and his liabilities are greater than his assets. If you’re struggling with debt, another debt can either help you get out of it, or drag you deeper into debt. It is a choice you have to make, especially in the way you will use your money.

Better alternative to cash advance payday loans

When you need money for emergency use, you can turn to Australian Lending Centre for short term loans. Whether you are going to use the money for business or personal matters, short term loans are easy and quick solutions that you can count on. You can get approved in a few hours and get the money faster than banks do.

Pay for personal or business expenses, invest and grow your money, by using Australian Lending Centre short term loans; it’s a better option than cash advance payday loans. Contact the experts of Australian Lending Centre today.