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How Can I Get A Personal Loan Fast?

There are times when we need a loan straight away and don’t have time to wait. Whether you have found yourself in an accident and unable to afford the hospital bills, or trying to pay your child’s school fees which are overdue, you need cash in your hands as quickly as possible.

Yet taking out a loan is a time-consuming process and then you have to sit back and wait to see if you’re approved. This leaves you asking yourself, how can I get a personal loan fast?

How Can I Get A Personal Loan Fast?

Are you asking yourself, how can I get a personal loan fast? The good news is there’s an option for you. Cash advance loans have been designed for this exact reason, and are a type of quick loan that sees the money in your account as soon as possible.

A cash advance can be used for a number of different things:

  • Medical expenses: whether you find yourself in an accident or fall ill and accumulate medical bills, a quick loan can be just what you need to get yourself back on your feet.
  • Car repairs: accidents happen to the best of us, but paying for repairs can be a costly endeavour. Fast access to a loan can get your car back onto the road even faster.
  • Holidays: who doesn’t want to head off on a holiday? They can take a while to save up for and you can miss out on a great deal while waiting. Taking out a loan can get you on that plane even faster.
  • Home repairs: owning your own home is great, but it can be costly. Why is it that there’s always something that needs to be fixed? A quick cash loan can cover you just when you need it.
  • Unexpected bills: unexpected expenses crop up all the time. Let’s face it, life is unpredictable and we can’t plan for everything. Having access to cash when you need it can make all the difference.
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If you’re asking yourself, how can I get a personal loan fast? This is one of the best options out there. They give you the cash injection you need to cover your expenses, to get you back on your feet and keep you out of debt. Let’s take a look at exactly how they work.

How Can I Get A Personal Loan Fast With A Cash Advance?

Are you wondering, how can I get a personal loan fast? A cash advance is the best option for you, with none of the waiting around to get approved. Instead, you have access to the funds as quickly as possible.

Cash advance loans are also known as short-term loans – but even better, they come without all the paperwork, so you get approved fast. These types of loans are usually offered by your credit card provider, so you’re borrowing money against your line of credit. You can take one out in a few different ways:

  • ATM: take money out of the machine. As long as you have the PIN on your card, this is an easy process.
  • In-person: you can head to the bank and speak to a teller about taking out a cash advance.

It’s an easy way to get access to instant cash when you need it. If you need cash quickly, you don’t have the time to sit around and wait for approval. This short-term loan doesn’t require a credit check, making it quick and easy to process.

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Pros and Cons With A Cash Advance

Now you know, how can I get a personal loan fast? What are the pros and cons of taking out a cash advance?


  • Fast access to cash
  • Little to no paperwork
  • No waiting times for approval


  • Hefty fees
  • Limit on the amount of money you have access to

You want to weigh up both the pros and the cons before taking out a cash advance, to make sure it really is the best option for you. They can be an expensive way to borrow money, with their high interest rates, but they are also convenient and give you access to the cash you need when you need it. If you’re after a flexible loan option with fast access to cash, then this is your best option.

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Taking Out A Cash Advance

Are you in need of cash fast? Then get in contact with the Australian Lending Centre right away. We understand your needs and don’t care about your credit score – we look at other factors when evaluating your application. Don’t sit around and wait for long, drawn-out approval from the banks. With the Australian Lending Centre, you could borrow up to $500,000 and have the money with you within hours. Contact us here today.

Short Term Loans

How Do Cash Advance Loans Work?

When you are strapped for cash and need some extra dollars to tide you over until the next payday, cash advance loans are a great option. As well as being able to make purchases with your credit card, many also allow you to withdraw money. This is known as a cash advance.

It involves taking the cash from your credit account, at an ATM, or directly transferring it into your bank account with online banking. Cash advance loans can also come in the form of short-term loans. Here we take a look at how these cash advance loans work and whether they are the right option for you.

What Are Cash Advance Loans?

The general idea behind cash advance loans is gaining access to money quickly, in order to tide you over in the short term. These types of loans can come in a variety of different forms:

Short-term loans: some lenders will let you borrow up to $500,000 dollars in an instant cash loan.

Credit card loans: many credit cards will allow you to withdraw money as a cash advance to spend as you please. This is usually a much smaller amount than what you can take out with other types of cash advance loans. However, it does have the bonus of coming with a lower interest rate and lower transaction fees.

Payday loan: this is a small loan of around up to $2,000 that is then paid back with 16 weeks to a year. 

The one thing all these types of loans have in common is that they come with high fees and charges. As the borrower, you end up paying for the convenience of having access to the money you need, when you need it. In many situations, it is well worth it, as long as you are sure you are able to pay it back in the correct timeframe.

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Alternatives To Cash Advance Loans

If you are looking for an alternative to cash advance loans there are a couple of options you can entertain:

  1. Family or friends: if it is only a small amount of cash you need to tide you over, then consider asking family or friends. This will save you the fees and interest involved.
  2. Speak to creditors: if you are trying to pay off a bill and don’t have the funds available, then it may help to discuss your problem with your creditor. They may be able to stretch the terms of your agreement. This means you can wait until the money comes in before paying it off, saving you the hassle of a cash advance loan.
  3. Take out a personal loan: personal loans generally come with better terms than the cash advance. The downside is, you don’t receive the money nearly as quickly as a cash advance loan.

If you do find yourself in a position of needing a cash advance loan, then it is worth doing your research to work out exactly what you need. 

Getting A Cash Advance

There are many different reasons you might be in need of a cash advance loan. Some of these are:

  • Christmas spend: we all know the end of the year can be expensive. A cash advance can be just what you need to pay off everyone’s gifts in advance to prepare for the silly season.
  • Moving house: there are many costs that come with moving and they can dig into your budget and beyond. A cash advance can see you through this period.
  • Hospital bills: if you fall ill, you may find yourself with unexpected hospital bills. A cash advance can help you out in the short term.
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There are many benefits that come with taking out cash advance loans, as long as you have factored in the costs that come with them. 

The fees and charges that come with taking out a cash advance loan will vary between lenders, but there is a rough idea of what to expect.

  • A one-off establishment fee of 20% of the amount loaned.
  • A monthly maintenance fee of 4% of the amount loaned.

On top of this, there are more fees that can be charged if you don’t make the repayments or end up defaulting on your loan. It is a good idea to make sure you have the means to pay off the loan before going ahead.

Finding The Right Loan

If you are in need of cash fast, then speak to the experts at the Australian Lending Centre. We can find the right loan for your needs and help to get you back on track financially. Our short-term cash advance loans can allow you to borrow up to $500,000 depending on your circumstances, providing you with access to the cash you need. Simply pick up the phone and call today.

Short Term Loans

The Ultimate Guide To Short Term, No Credit Check Loans

Taking out a loan can be a very long process. It is dependent on a number of factors, including what type of loan you need, your credit history, and the institution you choose to take the loan with. But sometimes, we need a quick cash injection to give our personal or business life that little boost it needs, and we don’t want to be waiting around for the long, drawn-out process of taking out a loan and miss out on opportunities in the process. This is where a short term no credit check loans can be very helpful.

What Is A Short Term Loan?

As the name suggests, these are loans that are taken out in the short term. Normally, they are expected to be paid back within the year. These type of loans are commonly taken out by business start-ups, who don’t yet qualify for a credit line from the bank, yet need a quick cash injection to get them up and running.

Types Of Short Term Loans

There are different types of short term loans that can be used for a number of different purposes depending on your individual circumstances.

Merchant Cash Advances

This type of loan is actually a cash advance, but it works in the same way as a short term loan. You can borrow a certain amount from the lender and then make the payments back to them by allowing them access to your credit facility. A certain percentage of each business transaction you make is taken back until you pay back your loan.

Line Of Credit

This is similar to using a business credit card. A limit is set, and you can use that credit as needed. You then have to make monthly instalment payments against the amount you have borrowed, so these will vary from month to month.

Payday Loans

These loans are usually given for emergency situations and can be fairly easy to obtain. Unlike the other loans we have looked at, they generally have to be paid back in one lump sum on your next payday.

Online Loans

Once again, as the name suggests these loans are carried out online. You can access a short term loan with a number of finance providers, with everything from application to approval done online with money wired into your account instantly.

Why Take Out A Short Term Loan?

There are a number of different reasons you may want to take out a short term loan.

Consider the following scenarios:

You have just started up a new business and need an initial cash injection to hire some employees to get things up and running. You have approached a bank, but they aren’t interested in helping you as you have no credit history and are considered a risk. If you’re looking to get back on your feet, the consider a short term loan. Short term loans can provide the foundation for taking out a long term loan down the track.

You need some money to fix your car after you have been in an accident. You need that money fast, as you rely on your car every day for work. Instead of waiting for approval from the bank, you can go down the route of a short term loan, get the cash as soon as you need it and get back on the road faster.

There are also plenty of benefits that come with short term loans

Less Interest

With a short term loan, you can expect to pay less interest. Pay them off quickly as the time frame is usually shorter. This doesn’t allow time for interest to build.

Instant Money

Given the fact that there is a lot less risk for lenders when it comes to short term loans, the process is a lot shorter and you can have the money with you even faster.

Easier To Get

Credit scores don’t factor in when it comes to obtaining a short term loan, which makes these loans even easier to get. The requirements are lower, which make them a lifesaver for many businesses.

Benefits Of Short-Term No Credit Check Loans?

Firstly, credit checks take time, which is one of the reasons the loan process can be fairly drawn out. Also, if you have a bad credit history, there is also the likelihood you won’t be approved for a loan with many financial institutions. Getting short term loans with no credit check sidesteps this and allows you to get the money you need when you need it, and without the hassle.

Short Term Loans

Cash Advance With Payday Loans

Cash advance payday loans may look like a great option, but there is a downside. Your bills may be piling up, you may need to pay your car rego, fix a car, or pay for a medical bill, but you haven’t been paid yet? A payday loan seems like a simple solution.

If you are in dire need of quick cash, there are options available. One such option is cash advance with payday loans.

What are Cash advance payday loans?

Cash advance payday loans are high-cost short term loans that offer quick and convenient access to cash. If you are in need of cash to pay for upcoming bills; then a cash advance can help you get sorted fast.

Whilst some people may see payday loans as their quick fix to financial stability, there are however opposing views. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with cash advance, payday loans.  Take a good look at these and weigh if a payday loan is good or bad for your financial health.

Advantages of cash advance payday loans

  • Fast approval
  • Loans are available even for a high-risk borrower
  • Pay for emergency situations fast. Did your car break down? Is there an emergency field trip in your child’s school? Or, are you taking advantage of the big discount on equipment for your business? Use it any way you like it, cash advance payday loans can save the day.

As long as you can assure the lender that you can repay, you can get the money you need fast and you don’t have to worry about receiving notices that your utilities will be cut off because you missed the payment.

Disadvantages of payday loans

Payday loans usually come with very high-interest rates. These rates can come in the form of a flat fee or a certain percentage of the cash advance payday loans. For example, a cash advance lender may charge 20% per $100 borrowed. This means that the borrower has to pay $20 in interest on a monthly basis. If you missed a payment on the first month, the interest will accumulate and you’ll be paying more than your original debt as the time goes on and the debt remains unpaid. 20% may not be a big deal if you will pay it outright when you receive your pay for the month. But, if you took a loan 7 days before your payday, you will be paying a large fee for a 7-day loan.

If you’re borrowing against your salary, where will you get money to pay for your expenses before the next payday? It can lead to another debt until you can’t get out of it anymore.

Is cash advance loan a good idea?

A person has too much debt when he owes more than what he can afford to pay, simply because his income is lower than his debt, and his liabilities are greater than his assets. If you’re struggling with debt, another debt can either help you get out of it, or drag you deeper into debt. It is a choice you have to make, especially in the way you will use your money.

Better alternative to payday loans

When you need money for emergency use, you can turn to Australian Lending Centre for short term loans, which are a safer solution than payday loans. Whether you are going to use the money for business or personal matters, short term loans are easy and quick solutions that you can count on. You can get approved in a few hours and get the money faster than banks do.

Pay for personal or business expenses, invest and grow your money, by using Australian Lending Centre short term loans. It is a better option than cash advance payday loans. Contact the experts of Australian Lending Centre today.


Cash Advance vs. Personal loans: Which is better?

For many individuals, a “cash” advance is an essential way to finance their emergent needs like hospitalization, wedding and car repair. However, it is not easy to obtain funding especially if you have bad credit. In fact, if you have maxed out your existing credit cards, it is almost impossible to get a new bank card or credit card that offers cash advances. Making a cash advance may also cost you an interest rate which may range from 20-30%. That’s a very costly way of borrowing money! Cash advance vs Personal loans, which is better?

What about personal loans?

Lenders often use the credit reports in determining a loan applicant’s credibility. Poor credit history can get your application rejected. But, what traditional lenders fail to consider is the fact that bad credit is not always a result of financial irresponsibility. Sometimes, even the most financially prudent people have debt problems.

That’s why borrowers with bad credit turn to lenders offering a personal loan to people with poor credit history. In the cash advance vs personal loans competition, personal loans can be a less expensive option. While people with excellent credit may qualify for a loan with a much lower interest rate than what you would pay, it is still cheaper compared to the terms of credit card cash advances.

Cash advance loans for bad credit

If you need money fast but you will not qualify for a credit card advance or any other personal loan from traditional banks, ALC cash advance loans can help.

You can finance your needs with its instant cash loans up to half a million dollars. You can also enjoy secure and quick loan processing with the help of an attentive and responsive team to answer your questions. They don’t require voluminous paperwork like traditional banks and you can see the money in your account as fast as two days!

Special consideration when getting a personal loan

How do you plan to pay off your personal loan? Do you have the funds to pay what you borrow in the next 3 to 4 years to pay the loan?  Whether you are getting a cash advance or personal loan, it is important to determine a budget for your urgent needs. Are you planning a wedding, a vacation or a simple house repair? Whatever your needs are, be sure you have the money ton comfortably pay the loan until the last month of payment.

Why Choose Australian Lending Centre

When searching for a lender to help you deal with multiple debts, especially when there is a court judgment, or bugging debt collecting agencies, you need to pick your lenders wisely. After all, the lending company you choose could make all of the difference to the final outcome of your financial struggles. The experienced and knowledgeable loan specialists at Australian Lending Centre truly care about their clients, and it is obvious in their loan products and services.

They have been helping thousands of Australians with their monetary concerns for more than 2 decades. They offer debt consolidation services, refinancing and other loan products for short-term and long-term needs.

Contact the Australian Lending Centre now!